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10 Essential Tips for Festival Camping

Summer is here and festival season is well and truly upon us! With the big festivals like Bestival, V Fest, Reading and Leeds, and Glastonbury creeping closer, it’s about time we get stuck into organising ourselves for these fabulous weekends of live entertainment.

Lisa Angel Festival Looks

We here at Lisa Angel have put our heads together and come up with a list of 10 tips and tricks for camping, some gorgeous must-have festival gear trends and a printable packing checklist just for you guys. So if you’re lucky enough to be going away for a dance-filled weekend of music and more, and you're wondering what to take to a festival, then read on and make sure you’re all set this season!

10 Festival Camping Tips

Too excited to organise your thoughts? Make sure you’ve considered our following ten tips when getting ready for you weekend of fun…

1. Use pop up tents! Easy to put up, easy to carry around, no annoying metal poles, and can be found super cheap online.

2. Bring a mallet. You don’t know what kind of ground you’ll be setting up on, and a mallet with save your hands from pushing tent pegs into the ground!

3. Don’t camp at the bottom of a hill or slope, unless you fancy sleeping in a puddle all weekend.

4. Bring a flag or bunting or something to identify your tent with! After a night of dancing, it may be a little trickier to find your tent than it was in the daytime…

5. Bring snacks! Food is super expensive at festivals, so stock up on breakfast bars, biscuits, and anything else that comes wrapped and doesn’t need to be kept cool. Your tum will thank you!

6. Wet wipes and hand sanitiser will become your best friends, so make sure to pack enough to last. A lot of festivals have showers, but if you’re not feeling the public shower cubicles then those wipes will come in very handy.

7. Bring a travel case. You’ll want to bring your boho jewellery, so bring a case to keep it in and stop it tangling and getting lost! The compact Stackers Travel Case is perfect for this sort of thing.

8. If you’d actually like the get some sleep, then ear plugs and eye masks are saviours when camping at a festival.

9. Bring a battery pack for your phone! There are usually charging stations but who can be bothered to wait around at one of those? These shiny Ban.Do Battery Packs fit right in with the festival vibe.

10. Don’t bring any valuables. Seriously, don’t take anything that you’d be heartbroken if lost or damaged (that means no expensive cameras or designer shoes… trust us). Pack cheap and cheerful for a stress-free trip!


Festival Fashion

This year’s festival fashion vibes are full anything and everything in the on-trend off the shoulder bardot style, gorgeous crocheted dresses and playsuits, gingham patterns (we love gingham), and frills, lots of frills. You can find all of these must-have styles in every high street store at the moment, so get out there and get in on these fabulous festival looks if you're stuck on what to wear to a festival.

Lisa Angel Festival Looks
Lisa Angel Festival Looks

 Festival Accessories

This year the festival hair looks are better than ever before; braids with glittered ends and partings will add some serious style points to your festival wear and can be paired with your shiniest hoop earrings to complete the look.

Lisa Angel Silver Octagonal Hoop Earrings
Lisa Angel Gold Swing Hoop Earrings

Octagonal Hoop Earrings, £12 | Half Hoop Earrings, £12

Long boho necklaces and small layered pendant pieces create the perfect festival accessory vibe, so stock up on bohemian colours like turquoise, orange, red and gold when it comes to your festival jewellery.

Lisa Angel Festival Looks
Lisa Angel Festival Looks

Dreamcatcher Necklace, £22 | Opal Necklace, £22 | Dreamcatcher Bracelet £22 | Twisted Hoop Earrings, £12 | Turquoise Shard Necklace, £16 | Chevron Bangle, £16


Festival Packing Checklist

Have no fear, Lisa Angel is here to save you from the last minute panic of festival packing! Take a look through our festival essentials list and print one off for yourself to make sure you don’t miss any festival camping essentials.


  • Your festival outfits (t-shirts, shorts, dresses, playsuits, a jacket, trainers, etc). Aim for lightweight stuff to reduce the weight of the bag you’ll be lugging around!
  • Wellies and a raincoat or poncho in case it rains (let’s face it; if it’s in the UK it’ll probably rain).
  • A hat or cap (great for weather and great for covering messy festival hair).
  • Comfy light pyjamas.
  • Socks and underwear!

Camping essentials

  • A tent. Guys, do not forget your tent.
  • A mallet (pushing tent pegs in by hand can hurt).
  • A sleeping bag.
  • A foil blanket (super cheap and super handy if you get chilly).
  • A blow up pillow (aeroplane pillows actually work great if you’re saving space).
  • A ground mat (if you’ve got room, these will save your back during the nights).
  • Bin bags. They have a multitude of uses!
  • Sleeping mask and ear plugs if you want some rest.
Good Night Sleep Tight Travel Kit

Good Night Sleep Tight Kit, £25


  • Mini toothpaste and mini toothbrush.
  • Lots and lots of wet wipes.
  • Hand sanitiser.
  • A mini first aid kit (you’ll be grateful for this if you suffer any blisters or bites).
  • Any medication you need, along with paracetamol for any adult headaches you may get…
  • Sanitary stuff. Better safe than sorry!
  • A hairbrush and hair ties.
  • Dry shampoo.
  • Deodorant.
  • Sun cream!
  • A towel (if you’re planning on showering or just need to dry off from the rain).
  • Make up (pack only your essentials; chances are you won’t wear much of it and you don’t want to lose your nice stuff!).

Important stuff

  • Your ticket!
  • Money, duh.
  • ID (don’t let a lack of identification ruin your trip).
  • A phone charge pack (don’t waste precious time hanging around a charging station).
  • Disposable cameras. Seriously, these are so much more fun than a digital camera.
  • A hipflask (small and easy to carry around).
  • Glitter. Yes, this is on the important stuff list. Obviously.
Ban.Do Phone Battery Charging Pack
Lisa Angel Constellation Hip Flask

Ban.Do Phone Charging Pack, £28 | Constellation Hip Flask, £12

Have fun!

So now you're on your way to being a packing professional, all that's left is to actually pack... and that's part of the festival fun, right? We hope our festival tips have helped you out, and from us all here at Lisa Angel we wish you the most exciting festival season yet!

Lisa Angel Festival Looks

Your very own festival checklist is below for you to print off and use at home, drawn up by our fab design team. Don't forget to tag our instagram or facebook in any of your Lisa Angel festival looks photos; we can't wait to see them!

Lisa Angel Printable Festival Packing List