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Our Top 5 Daddy Influencers

Dad Bloggers: The underappreciated geniuses of social media. The perfect blend of humour and information, the following five daddy bloggers are for anyone who wants to brighten their day with a glimpse into the wild and honest world of fatherhood.

With hilarious instagram captions, gorgeous family photos, and insightful and educational blog posts, these five dad bloggers are must-follows for everyone, regardless of whether you’re a parent or not. Get ready to fall in love with these dads and their families!

1. Daddy & Dad

Name: Jamie and Tom

Children: 2 adopted sons, Lyall and Richard

Location: Leicester

Instagram: @daddyanddad

Blog: www.daddyanddad.co.uk/

Facebook: www.facebook.com/daddyanddad/

If you don’t already follow Jamie and Tom, two British gay dads with adoptive sons Lyall and Richard, then get on it! The boys had a rough start in life, so Jamie and Tom have made it their goal to give the boys the best experiences possible.

Jamie and Tom’s blog is an amazing read, with in depth posts about the adoption process, great days out with the kids (including how to get money off certain adventures), and fun stories about their lives. Their instagram is fab too, with adorable photos documenting their family life that makes you feel all warm and fuzzy!

‘When we adopted Lyall and Rich five years ago, we decided rather than depend on babysitters or family we would take the boys everywhere with us... We're so proud when we're out and about with the boys. Sure, we turn a few heads but the reaction from people when they see two dads is almost always a smile.’

2. The Dadventurer

Name: Dave

Children: 1 daughter, ‘L’, and 1 son ‘Beetle’

Location: Hertfordshire

Instagram: @the_dadventurer

Facebook: www.facebook.com/thedadventurer

Blog: thedadventurer.com

Stay-at-home dad Dave ‘The Dadventurer’ is a double threat when it comes to dad blogging, posting an equal mix of fun family pieces and practical life tips that’ll leave you laughing and well-informed.

With a wide range of topics covered, including the challenges of getting a child to sleep at night, car seat reviews, and why facebook selling groups are a great place for parents, Dave’s blog is an insightful and entertaining read about parenthood and family life. Head over to his instagram for gorgeous family pics, and his blog for some excellent reading material!

‘We all make mistakes as parents. I know I’ve made quite a few over the last four and a bit years since becoming a dad. However, I’ve also been involved in some ‘epic fails’ – a mistake of such huge proportions that it requires its own term to point out my unfathomable shortcomings.’

3. You The Daddy

Name: Giles

Children: 2 sons, Teddy and Hugh

Location: London

Instagram: @youthedaddy

Facebook: www.facebook.com/youthedaddy

Blog: www.youthedaddy.co.uk

Giles’s blog is a must-read for anyone curious about all things pregnancy, birth, and parenthood. His honest and in-depth posts ‘guy’s perspective’ about home birthing, mental health, and premature births are insightful reads for anyone, regardless of whether you’re a parent or not, while his hilarious poems and pregnancy stories will leave you laughing while you scroll.

Giles has created a community through his blog, a place for dads to go and read and learn about the wild world of pregnancy and fatherhood. Whether you’re looking for honest information on how dads deal with miscarriage, or looking for a ‘baby size’ chart that doesn’t compare your unborn baby’s size to various fruit and veg (see the quote below…), then You The Daddy is the blog for you.

‘Now, I’m all for healthy eating (although my wife might disagree) but show me a man who knows the relative size and dimensions of a dragon fruit versus a winter squash and I’ll show you a pink unicorn that poops gold.’

4. Unlikely Dad

Name: Tom

Children: 1 adopted son, Kai

Location: UK

Instagram: @unlikelydad

Facebook: www.facebook.com/unlikelydad

Blog: www.theunlikelydad.com/

Meet Tom. He and his husband Daniel are fathers to adopted son Kai, and we’re lucky enough to get to follow Tom and his little family as they live their lives. Sharing posts ranging from fun days out, great reviews, the adoption process, and parenting in general, his blog will leave you smiling and with an insight you perhaps didn’t have when you first started reading.

Tom has written many posts on his and Daniel’s adoption journey, each one as informative as the last, with the perfect blend of sweet and serious in his careful writing about the important topic. If you have any interest in adoption, dad life, and same sex parenthood, then Tom’s blog is the perfect place to head to.

‘Adopting my son was without a doubt the greatest thing I ever did and will probably ever do (apart from seeing him grow into the wonderful man he is destined to be).’

5. This Father Life

Name: Robert

Children: 2 sons, ‘J’ and ‘R’

Location: UK

Instagram: @this_father_life

Robert from This Father Life is the proud father of two sweet sons, which he says is the most exciting and rewarding role of all. Robert writes to make sense of fatherhood as he navigates life with his wife and sons, talking in his instagram captions about what it’s like to be a black father in today’s times and his Christian religion within fatherhood, as well as some great day out suggestions and fun anecdotes about his kids.

Although he doesn’t post to his blog much anymore, Robert’s instagram features a feed rich in colour and smiles, although he remains honest and open in his captions, stating in one ‘I know you guys are not fooled. We are challenged just like everyone else!’.

‘There is honestly nothing better. I know, it’s a cliché in many respects BUT being a Dad truly is the best feeling in the world.’

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