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Our Top 5 Mummy Influencers

Having just celebrated Women’s Day, and UK Mother’s Day just around the corner, what better time to shower some iconic internet mummies with some virtual love?

Here are 5 ladies who we love to watch tackle motherhood, with openness to sharing life's daily highs and lows, all whilst being the best version of themselves.

1. Disasters of a Thirty Something

Name: Sarah

Children: 1 girl and 1 boy. Scout and Kipling.

Location: Newcastle

Instagram: @disastersofathirtysomething

Sarah is a freelance writer who lives in Newcastle, and is first time mother to beautiful twins. She posts about her life daily, with each post containing an honest ‘peak’ and a ‘pit’.

“Pits: twice the sleep deprivation, never a free hand, rarely a free moment, worrying about not ever being able to give either one your full attention.”

"Peaks: double the love, double the joy, double the fun. Watching their little relationship unfold.”

We love Sarah for sharing the highs and lows of her daily life, with baby talk, anecdotes and general musings that we can all relate to. Being a first time mumma to twins can’t be easy, but Sarah keeps it real and we really appreciate that kind of attitude.

2. Carly Rowena

Name: Carly Rowena

Children: 1 girl. Jax.

Location: Norwich

Instagram: @carlyrowena



New mum Carly is the mother of Jax, a sweet bundle of joy. She is a full-time blogger and PT, living in Norwich with her husband Leon, and dog Steven.

We love Carly because she is taking on motherhood with full force, rocking up to crossfit sessions with Jax, hosting body positivity events and engaging with her audience on her social platforms - generally just being a boss. She shares intimate and honest details of her life and doesn’t shy away from conversation, always willing to bare all to bring awareness to important subjects. A true role model for her daughter.

“Your influence is powerful, don’t waste it, little eyes are watching. Here’s to those of us trying to be real and not perfect, I’d bloody love to cheers a glass of wine with each & every one of you!”

3. Mother of Daughters, MOD

Name: Clemmie

Children: 4 girls. Anya, Marnie, Ottilie, Delilah.

Location: Kent

Instagram: @mother_of_daughters

Clemmie is a midwife from Kent, where she lives with her husband Simon, her four daughters, and new addition Pablo, the adorable Dachshund.

We love Clemmie for her continued honesty around female health, using her knowledge in midwifery to send awareness to her community, answering important questions and sharing intimate moments, like experiencing your smear test. Being a mother to ‘’four little women’’, she shares her ups and downs with no holds barred, and is sure to bring a little joy and whimsy to those tough times that we all experience as women.

“Here’s to celebrating women’s bodies in all their shapes and sizes, to nourishing ourselves by cooking delicious food to brilliant kitchen discos, to moving and stretching more and to wearing matching underwear that makes you feel proud enough to show off on Instagram.”

4. Susie J Verrill

Name: Susie

Children: 2 boys. Milo and Rex.

Location: Milton Keynes

Instagram: @susiejverrill

Susie is a working mumma of two boys, who lives in Milton Keynes with her partner Greg. She used to be social media and features editor for Look magazine, she now runs her blog

We love Susie for her down to earth nature and her fearlessness of telling it how it really is. She has shared her experiences of co-sleeping, giving top tips on what works best for her family, as well as her journey with hyperemesis gravidarum. Her uplifting spirit and wit never fail to make us smile.

“Remember it IS just another day and you’re not expected to be any more jazzy than you can manage. I’m going all kinds of low key this year and can’t wait.”

5. Freddie Harrel

Name: Frédérique Harrel

Children: 1 boy. Hugo.

Location: London/Paris.

Instagram: @freddieharrel

Frédérique is a French born London-based influencer, speaker, business owner. She lives with her husband Tom, and is mother to their son Hugo. Founder of the SHE Unleashed online workshop program, with videos on self-exploration and self-love, and ‘Big Hair No Care’, a range of ethical afro hair extensions for black women to enhance their natural hair.

“We love our hair, we look after it and we like to protect it. We’re getting our hair BIG, BOLD and FLUFFY, but we’re not spending ages and a fortune on it. We’re sisters, we sprinkle that Woman Magic all around, we want to look fabulous but not at someone else’s expense.”

We admire Freddie for her commitment to making easy afro hair accessible and affordable for women worldwide, redefining the relationship between a woman and her unruly hair do. Exceeding in her goal of producing fair hair extensions which make every women look totally fierce, whilst keeping it real on her instagram with adorable moments shared with her son, makes Freddie one fine mumma who is a force to be reckoned with.

“Although motherhood isn't a straightforward walk in the park, it comes with these breathtaking first times (which make up for the other not-so-great first times) that rock your whole world at once, like that first skin-on-skin moment.”

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