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Featuring Emma McAleese

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“I decided to start my blog to share the truths, tears and tantrums behind the scenes.”

Hi everyone!

My name’s Emma and I’m a 26 year old mama living in Suffolk by the sea. I have two crazy boys, Bobby age three and Jax age two. I am also currently 34 weeks pregnant with baby no.3 which is a girl. So I’m over the moon about finally not being so outnumbered by boys! Let’s just hope she doesn’t end up loving football more than her big brothers!

I have an amazing husband @theoffshoredad  ♥  on Instagram who spends 6 months of the year working offshore on the rigs. This means I spend a lot of time on my own with the little devils *ahem* darlings. Hence the name @theonshoremum but equally, when he’s home that means he gets to spend a lot of valuable time with the boys – which they both absolutely love.

If you could sum up being a Mother in three words, what would they be?

1. Hilarious

2. Rewarding

3. Exhausting

How and why did you create @theonshoremum?

After having our second child, Jax, I found I kept getting comments on how easy I made looking after two children under the age of 2 look. But, in reality, it couldn’t have been more opposite. I decided to start my blog to share the truths, tears and tantrums behind the scenes. Too many people take social media too seriously nowadays. Especially on Instagram. There are a lot of ‘perfect’ little squares out there and I wanted to show that our lives are far from that. And that bringing up two children on my own 50% of the time can be really hard! Having a husband that works offshore means he misses a lot of milestones etc.

How do you balance blogging life and family life? Do you have any tips for other blogging Mamas?

For me, it’s definitely about time management. People ask me ‘How do you find the time?!’ And the answer is if you really want to do something – you make time.

I generally write mostly when Snod is away. As I’m on my own in the evenings and it gives me something to concentrate on and pass the time. Offshore life can really suck. Sometimes I’ll only get a phone call one day and if I miss it that’s it. There’s no opportunity to phone them back. Sometimes it feels like we are living in the olden days. So the evenings, when the boys are in bed, is when I sit and write/post on Instagram to pass the time. And, it really does go quickly!


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What advice would you give to new mums wanting to start their own blog?

Most importantly, find your purpose. Who are you aiming to reach out to? Write out a list of topics you plan to write about. Watch YouTube videos and read up on various blogging platforms. I have varied between using WordPress and using my own websites on Wix and Go Daddy. I personally find WordPress the easiest to use. It’s also greatly improved its mobile app in the last 6 months which means I now find myself writing bits here and there from my phone! Perfect for nap times or when you have a spare 5 minutes.

Which are your favourite mummy blogs to read, and why?

  1. The Unmumsy Mum – Snod bought me her book after having Jax and it really inspired me to start my blog. She’s just so relatable as a mother and literally isn’t afraid to say what we are all thinking! That’s exactly what I love about her!
  2. Father of Daughters – Ok he’s not a mummy blogger but he’s absolutely brilliant. He has 4 daughters including 2 year old twins. And he literally cracks me up daily! He’s about to publish a book called ‘Outnumbered’ and it’s already no 1 on amazon preorder! You should totally go check him out on Instagram!
  3. Lucy Jessica Carter – As well as being an absolute beaut! She has an amazing home that I’m totally jealous of. She has two boys like myself and is a regular YouTuber with a huge variety of videos ranging from fashion/beauty to interior and parenting.

Why is sharing your Mummy life important to you?

I believe it’s really important to be honest about the struggles and hard times as well as the good. If I’m having a hard day/week. I can post online and be overwhelmed with other parents who have been having a rubbish day too. It gives me a sense of ‘I’m not the only one’. And that really helps me mentally on days I’m struggling.

How are you feeling about having another little one to look after? How do you think your boys will take it?

Initially, I was terrified! However, now I’m sure we’ll be just fine. Bobby, in particular, understands there’s a baby in mummy’s tummy and asks throughout the day whether his baby sister is moving around or is asleep. He’s always kissing my bump and asking when she’s going to arrive. Jax, on the other hand, I don’t think really understands. But he loves to copy what Bobby does by kissing my tummy and stroking it saying ‘Shhhh baby’. I think they’re going to be very protective over their little sister. Especially Bobby!

How is it different when your partner is home or away?

Honestly, it’s like I live 2 different lives. When Snod’s away, I always try to have something planned for every day. I’ll be out seeing friends with children etc and doing things with the boys. I really do keep super busy and try to get out of the house every day – even if it’s just for a walk. If I stay at home they boys run riot and will trash the house within minutes. Which is fine.. but when I’m the only adult in the house, guess who has to go around and pick everything up at the end of the day? Yep. That’s me!

When Snod comes home I try to keep plans to a minimum – at least for the first few days. We spend the first day or two chilling giving daddy a chance to relax and recharge. After that we will go out as a family and do different activities. That’s the good thing about offshore work. Once he’s home – he’s home for 2 weeks and we have so much time together to do all sorts of things. I often feel like families with 9-5 jobs must have to cram everything into 2 days at the weekend.


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Do you believe Mother’s Day is an important day on the calendar, and if so why?

I grew up without my dad around so Mother’s Day definitely feels special to me! It’s really strange now having this day celebrated about me – & not all about me celebrating it with my mum. But like any event on the calendar, it all centres around whether Snod is actually home for it. With offshore life there are so many birthdays / events / special occasions that get missed. Sometimes we just don’t really celebrate them at all, or if we do it’s rather delayed! Luckily Snod is actually home for Mother’s Day this year – So I’m hoping we will celebrate it.


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Will you be revealing the name of the baby for your followers before the birth?

I don’t think we will no, mainly because we haven’t yet decided and have really struggled to come up with anything we both like! Naming a human is hard work. When I was pregnant with the boys we always had a girls name each time. But this time round when we actually finally have a girl … we can’t decide! Isn’t that typical!


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What’s next for the @onshoremum?

Since finding out we are expecting a little girl after two boys, my eyes have been opened to a whole new world of baby clothes including bloomers, rompers and florals. I’ve been so inspired, that I’ve actually begun a little journey of learning to make my own. I’ve made bloomers, rompers and headbands so far but plan to expand and try making some other products – including washable breast pads for myself.

I’ve also been wanting to organise a ‘Mama Meet Up’ for all my local followers / subscribers. I feel like we can all get a bit stuck behind our screens nowadays. So I thought it would be nice to have a chance to meet all the people I chat to so regularly! And for all our children to meet too. So with some help from two fellow local blogging mamas @thenorwichmummy &  @mamasophiejarvis – we have recently set up a Facebook group called ‘Norfolk / Suffolk Instagram Mama Meet Up’. We currently have over 70 members and are planning a public event this summer to get as many people together as we can with our little ones. So if anyone fancies joining us then you’re more than welcome.

Just search us on Facebook or follow this link

Instagram @theonshoremum


A big thank you to Emma @theonshoremum for collaborating with us for our Mother’s Day campaign. We wish you all the best with your beautiful family & we can’t wait to meet the newborn! Lisa Angel Jewellery and Accessories



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