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Mama Lisa

It often surprises people when they learn that Lisa Angel isn’t just the name of this company! Lisa Angel is a real person, the founder and CEO of this brand, but that isn’t just what she is; Lisa is also a mother. A mother of three, at that! Liberty (Libby) aged 15, Thomass (Tom) aged 11, and Edward (Teddy), aged 6, are all raised by Lisa and her husband David while they run this growing business. Amazing, right?

Lisa juggles motherhood and working life like a boss but is open about how she’s still learning along the way, so we decided to ask her a few questions on motherhood, and give you a little window into the life of Lisa the mum.

Libby, Tom, Teddy, and Lucy the dog in Disneyland Paris

1, What are your Mother’s Day plans?

Well, David will hopefully organise a lovely breakfast for me from the kids… then we’re taking our own mums out for lunch. After I think we’ll go for a beach walk with everyone and the dogs, we all love the beach.

Libby and Teddy during a caravan holiday

2, What would your dream Mother’s Day be?

Ooh, my dream Mother’s Day would be somewhere really warm, and I’d wake up with all the family and we’d have a relaxing day full of good food, swimming and reading, maybe on the beach and we’d build sand castles, and no one would argue!

Tom, Libby & Teddy

3, What’s your perfect family day out?

I love sketching, so do the kids, so I think my perfect day would be going to a castle with my family and finding a nice spot, getting out our sketchbooks and colouring pencils, and drawing. We did it in France and Wales and I loved it.

4, How did you choose your children’s names?

I just always loved the name Liberty! Tom was actually going to be called Oscar, but when he arrived we realised he didn’t look like an Oscar, he looked like a Thomass. Teddy, oh gosh, Teddy was named Edward because we grew fond of the name after watching Twilight... kind of corny!

Teddy loves joining his mum in a bit of yoga!

5, What do you do to inspire your children?

I try to show them what hard work can do. I work hard, I try my best to eat healthily and I exercise to hopefully inspire them to keep doing same. I stay calm and mindful, I encourage them to do the same, and we talk about the importance of kindness. The kids like to meditate so we do that before their bedtimes, which I know will help them later on in staying mindful towards themselves and others. I think that’s really important.

Lisa and Libby

6, How do you balance owning a business and being a mum?

I really love yoga, it’s such a good coping strategy, it helps me stay calm when it comes to balancing everything! I make sure to have devoted family time, too. Devoted evenings or days which are for family only, I love those.

Libby & Tom scuba diving in Corfu

7, What’s the best thing about being a mum?

Oh there are so many things. With Teddy, I love our cuddles. We cuddle on the sofa, and I love that time with him. I love getting to watch how caring and kind Tom is when it comes to animals and nature. Libby is like my best friend as well as my daughter, we share instagram posts with each other and talk shopping and fashion, it’s like having a friend right there whenever I need one. The time I get to spend with each of them, watching them grow, that’s definitely one of the best things.

8, What 3 words sum up motherhood to you?

Unpredictable, hectic, lucky.

9, What advice would you pass on to new mums?

Cherish the time, it really does go quickly, so make sure to enjoy the little things.

Lisa: This picture really makes me laugh, it was while we were on a walk on holiday and we got lost.

David, in the background: We were not lost, I knew where we were!

10, What’s your favourite family photo?

One of us all at dinner in Corfu. I remember how much we all loved that holiday, we played on the beach, there was nature and culture to explore, scuba diving, time to read and talk to each other, the food was so yummy… it was just perfect.

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