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Six Ways to Tie a Scarf

Come rain or shine, slipping a lightweight fashion scarf around your neck will instantly lift your outfit to another level. Whether you’re chilling out in your off-duty jeans and tee combo, or need something to throw over seductive shoulders, add an edge with a perfectly tied scarf from our six ways to tie a scarf guide. Scarves are a great way to experiment with new colours and patterns without committing to all-over prints, and in-your-face hues. Our helpful guide features six of our favourite ways to tie the chicest any-season accessory, and has been designed to work perfectly with our range of ladies’ summer fashion scarves. six ways to tie a scarf - Lisa Angel scarf tying guide


1. The Celebrity Knot Scarf

Looking to style it up with A-list appeal, this scarf tying method is a must-have.

The finished look: this way of tying your scarf gives an asymmetric finish with large coverage across the front of the body.

Team with: this chic style covers a large area, and is perfect for showing off those power prints or motifs. Keep patterns and prints on your clothes to a minimum and showcase your scarf’s design with this tying method. This style is perfect worked over a simple summer dress.

Ways to tie a scarf - The Celebrity knot scarf tying guide

2.The Infinity Knot Scarf

Want to disguise those scarf ends and keep it neat with a snood-like finish, double your scarf wardrobe with this scarf tying technique.

The finished look: don’t run out and buy new neck accessories, save your pennies with this tying method that looks just like a real snood.

Team with: This scarf tying method is great for converting your favourite scarves into sleek snoods. We love this style using a simple print scarf teamed with motif or pattern heavy tops and tees, for a balanced finish.

Ways to tie a scarf - Infinity Scarf tying guide

3. The Simple Loop Scarf

The simplest, chicest way to tie your favourite summer scarf…Just remember to fluff!

The finished look: two long ends of the scarf draped down from the centre of the body.

Team with: This super-versatile look works perfectly with almost any style, but we love it draped over a form fitting vest top or halter neck tee. This simple tying style is great for showing off patterned scarf ends and playful tasselled edging.

Ways to tie a scarf - Simple Loop Scarf tying guide

4. The Back Drape Scarf

Add a graceful finish day or night with this unique way to tie your favourite scarf.

The finished look: a snood-like finished across the front of the neck, with a long low down knot draped down the back.

Team with: this innovative style will update your evening styles with a classic edge. We love this technique when used with simple vintage inspired printed scarves. Plus, why not finish the style with a scarf ring on the front.

Ways to tie a scarf - The Back Drape Scarf tying guide

5. The Kimono Scarf

Need some shoulder cover in a hurry, create your own kimono with this simple scarf tying technique.

The finished look: the answers in the name with this one. Tie up your scarf this way and it’ll look just like you’re wearing a real kimono.

Team with: a summer style can’t possibly be complete without a way to cover up those shoulders, and this scarf tying method is sure to wake up any outfit lacking the fashion factor.

Ways to tie a scarf - Kimono Scarf Tying guide

6. The Pretzel Scarf

Imbue your ensemble with this fresh twist on the ‘simple loop’ way to tie a scarf.

The finished look: two ends of the scarf draped down, like in the simple loop, but with a woven effect towards the neck.

Team with: this simple update on the classic style really does suit any style, but we're pairing ours with casual tees, high necklines and undone topknots.

Ways to tie a scarf - The Pretzel Scarf Tying guide