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How to Build and Care For Your Silver Jewellery Collection

By Emily Huxtable - 29th January 2024

Gold jewellery has been a firm favourite for as long as jewellery has existed. With its durability, high quality and rarity, this glorious metal has reigned over fashion for centuries. 

But, whilst gold remains an adored metal by many, its more common counterpart, silver, is slowly making its way to the centre stage. With its affordability and hypoallergenic properties, silver makes a great choice. But, besides these practical aspects, silver’s cool-toned hue and background in more grungey aesthetics means it is taking gold’s spot in many people’s hearts.

Typically suited to cooler tones, silver is believed to shine bright on those with fairer skin. But, this isn’t always the case. Darker skin can be cool-toned too! This common misconception can prevent people from embracing the metals that truly make them pop. So, don’t just assume that you can only wear gold if you have a deeper skin tone. Most importantly, you know yourself best. Making sure you feel confident is what will truly make you glow.

As well as suiting your skin tone, choosing the correct metal for you can also rely on your aesthetic. Gold is the epitome of elegance, so its use is best suited to those who favour a more refined, sleek look. Silver, however, has been loved by those who love more alternative styling. This could also be due to sterling silver’s more affordable price point.

So, now we’ve understood a bit more about this shining metal, we can learn about how to build a seriously stunning silver jewellery collection to embrace your style, trends, and silver’s natural properties.

Starting Small

As you begin your venture to create your dream silver collection, there are a few things to keep in mind as you decide on what pieces to start with.

If you’re looking to start your very own new collection, the best foundation will always be a selection of staple silvers that can be worn day-to-day. Think about simple chains and wearable earrings. If you love delicate accessorising, you might take the following suggestions and leave it there!

Model wearing curated look with sterling silver rope chain

Sterling Silver Rope Chain

A great starting point is a silver chain, no pendant, no charms. You could opt for a traditional trace chain, but if you want something with a little extra sparkle, our Sterling Silver Rope Chain is sure to catch the light. Being made of solid sterling silver, this piece is durable and will last the test of time.

Herringbone Chain in Silver on model with curated look

Herringbone Chain Necklace in Silver

Comparatively, if you’re changing your jewellery daily and like your necklaces a little bolder, our Herringbone Chain Necklace is ideal. With its thicker size and darker finish, this piece will add a bit of dimension to your collection.

Model wearing sunbeam stud earrings in silver

Sunbeam Stud Earrings in Silver

When it comes to earrings, a good pair of studs is a great place to start. For nature lovers, choose from cute bird motifs or minimalist sun symbols as a solid foundation for some sleek, silver looks. Our subtle Sunbeam Stud Earrings in Silver are ideal for those with just one ear piercing. With a hollow centre, these studs create a ring effect on the lobe, adding some extra depth to an otherwise simple arrangement.

Model holding Sterling Silver Sparkle Cut Butterfly Studs

Sterling Silver Sparkle Cut Butterfly Studs

As always, a sterling silver equivalent is always a safe bet. Keeping on the nature theme, our Sterling Silver Cutout Butterfly Studs are an ideal choice for those with more sensitive skin. They are also ideal if you aren’t wanting to change your jewellery every day! Sterling silver is less likely to tarnish in water, but we would still suggest removing your jewellery before showering.

Building It Up

There are infinite ways to build up your collection after you’ve found a solid foundation. With so many different styles, trends and add-ons, you can begin to get more creative to suit your personal style.

Close up of model wearing Wide Domed Huggie Hoop Earrings in Silver

Wide Domed Huggie Hoop Earrings in Silver

If you’ve only reached for studs up until now, beginning to extend your selection to include a range of earrings, from small to big hoops to drop earrings is a great way to elevate your collection. We love these Wide Domed Huggie Hoops as they are a wonderful everyday hoop. Layer them with other pieces or simply style them alone, they’re sure to add a touch of shine.

Model wearing curated ear look with Sterling Silver Faceted Dome Huggie Hoop Earrings

Sterling Silver Faceted Dome Huggie Hoop Earrings

If you want to explore some more bold hoops, our Sterling Silver Faceted Hoops are chunky with a textured finish to the base. The plus is that they’re completely sterling silver, so they’re a great investment if you want to start exploring with bigger accessories.

Model wearing Thread Through Moon and Sun Chain Earrings in Silver with hand behind ear

Thread Through Moon and Sun Chain Earrings in Silver

Not on the hunt for hoops? As you work out your desired style, you might realise that elegant accessorising is for you. Or, perhaps you just want an array of jewellery for every occasion. Whatever your reasoning, a good pair of drop earrings is a popular choice. 

With silver’s ability to add a shimmer to any look, dangle and drop earrings will bring a classic, waterfall effect to your outfit, making them ideal for evening attire. Simple in design, they can be easily elevated with a silver curated ear, or wear them alone if you prefer understated styling. Our Thread Through Moon and Sun Chain Earrings are a beautiful pick. With a delicate trace chain suspending mismatched celestial charms, these earrings will easily add some character to any occasion.

Model holding Tiny Butterfly Pendant Necklace in Silver

Tiny Butterfly Pendant Necklace in Silver

Elegance doesn’t need to be a tricky feat. If you’re a lover of our drop earrings and aren’t sure where to start with necklaces, layering the necklaces you already have can be a simple solution. So, if your collection has more than one silver chain, stack these together to add some weight to your jewellery look. Or, invest in a silver pendant necklace to hang below the chain. This timeless option is easily achieved and our Tiny Butterfly Pendant Necklace is a great way to subtly introduce a pendant into your collection. With a traditional trace chain suspending a detailed butterfly charm, the weight of the butterfly means it will naturally hang below a silver chain, creating a silhouette which works well with most dresses. 

Our Necklace Separator comes in three colour finishes, including silver, so you can easily layer your necklaces and keep them all in the right place! 

Model wearing Sun and Moon Layered Necklace in Silver

Sun and Moon Layered Necklace in Silver

Because layering has become a well-loved trend, the increase in layered jewellery means you can get the same look with just one product instead of two. Our Sun and Moon Layered Necklace is the sweetest example. With its celestial design, this sleek necklace features two lengths of chain that connect to a lobster clasp. One length sits above the other, each holding a unique pendant. A beaming sun charm is held above an abstract, horizontal moon pendant. Both are complete with a textured finish which catches the light. Easy to put on and off, you can get all the benefits of a layered look with this piece.

These classic shapes are a great solution for those who love to have a sophisticated finish to their jewellery.

Model wearing Chunky Figaro Chain and Shell Heart Pendant Necklace in Silver in curated look

Chunky Figaro Chain and Shell Heart Pendant Necklace in Silver

If this isn’t your day-to-day desired look, you might want to start incorporating some bigger, statement pieces to build up your collection to suit your taste. Ideal for those who favour the bold, statement jewellery is a great way to show some personality. 

With statement earrings a solid staple in most people’s jewellery collections, statement necklaces are gradually becoming more popular. With oversized pendants reaching the high street, chunky chains have never left. Our Chunky Figaro Chain and Shell Heart Pendant Necklace is a great way to add some of your own aesthetic into your growing collection. Made up of an oversized Figaro chain, a decorative heart pendant is attached in the middle, complete with a shimmering mother of pearl centre. Super trendy, this necklace’s silver shade gives it a timeless finish, so you can be sure to get the most wear out of it.

Bulking It Out

Once you’ve got a solid foundation and are happy with interchanging your accessories, it’s the perfect time to start introducing some other jewellery pieces into your collection. 

Silver Stainless Steel Organic T-Bar Bracelet on model

Silver Stainless Steel Organic T-Bar Bracelet

Bracelets are a go-to gift from family and friends alike, so you may already have your fair share of wrist adornments. However, if you don’t, or you’re unsure of how to style them, just you wait! 

If you have a selection of delicate chain bracelets, layering them up can make a big difference to your overall look. But, if you’re looking to make a statement, our Stainless Steel Organic T-Bar Bracelet is simply the perfect choice. With big links and a bold toggle, this bracelet is as on-trend as ever. We don’t believe you even need to layer this piece with other bracelets to make it stand out. It does it all by itself.

Beaded Chain Adjustable Ring in Silver

Beaded Chain Adjustable Ring in Silver

If you’re just starting out and not wearing rings every day, these silver plated pieces would make a great addition to your wardrobe. Start with just one or two and if you like them, feel free to expand your collection and experiment with chunkier accessories. Large and out-there rings are in right now so even if you just have the one it truly could complete your look. This stylish adjustable ring is a great pick. With its chain-inspired shape, there’s no room for stacking meaning this piece takes all the limelight.

If you want to upgrade to a more long-lasting and luxurious accessory, our Sterling Silver Dove Signet Ring would fit the bill.

Twisted Rope Ear Cuff in Silver on model

Twisted Rope Ear Cuff in Silver

To truly take your collection to the next level, ear cuffs are a wonderful way to elevate any look. If you have just one ear piercing, a simple ear cuff can add so much extra to your look, especially if you want to add to an evening look. Our Twisted Rope Ear Cuff makes a great choice. A fun textural addition, this ear cuff can be easily paired with any of the silver picks previously mentioned. If you want to go bold, stack it with a mix of silver hoops and studs for a true statement feel.

Finishing Touches

Now, you’ve built up your silver jewellery collection and it’s truly something to be admired. But, looking at all your prized pieces in all their glory - do you ever feel like they’re missing something? That’s because although silver in its simplest form is one of life’s sweetest treasures, to create a collection that feels unique to your aesthetic it needs to be accented, elevated and complemented by different finishing touches.

Sterling Silver Faceted Dome Huggie Hoop Earrings on model in curated look

Playing with Texture

In order to add some dimension to your collection, adding some silver jewellery with a variety of textures is an easy way to do just that. From twisted earrings to organic shapes, the molten look is making a wave on the fashion scene in 2024 so what better way to embrace it than to include some in your very own selection? We think pairing unique textures with polished silver is a failsafe way to achieve a fun, dimensional look. Simple hoop earrings accented by hoops such as the Faceted Dome Huggies mentioned above work together to create a seriously eye-catching look. Or, if you want to experiment with texture, why not pair our Hammered Organic Ring with the twisted ring from our set of 4 Silver and Gold Stacking Rings?

Model Wearing Lilac Domed Resin Hoop Earrings with silver domed huggies and twisted rope cuff

Add Some Colour

Layering enamel jewellery with silver makes for a colourful, nostalgic statement. If you favour playful accessorising, we have a wide range of vibrant resin jewellery to create your desired look. Purples look great with silver and our Lilac Domed Resin Hoop Earrings are the perfect ode to colourful jewellery. Big and bold, these chunky hoops can easily be accented by shining silver for a showstopping look.

Set of 2 Green Crystal Huggie and Hoop Earrings in Silver on model

Glorious Gemstones

A great way to add some character to your silver jewellery collection is some colourful gemstones. In a range of shades and sizes, from semi-precious to cubic zirconias, you can add sleek, splashes of colour to your wardrobe with ease. Silver’s neutral tone means it pairs effortlessly with many colours. Choose a stone that complements your outfit, like greens or reds, or if you think pink brings out your eyes, go for some pink-studded silver hoops. 

For those who love to stack their jewellery, our set of 2 Green Crystal Hoops are ideal for easy layering. Made up of a small pair of crystal-adorned huggies alongside a larger pair of hoops, these complementary earrings make gemstone styling simple.

Model holding Big Metal London Pearl Daisy Hoop Earrings in Silver in front of her

Pearlescent Details

Another fun way to introduce something different to your collection is by playing around with pearls. As on-trend as ever, there’s a pearl accessory for everyone. For when you want to keep things simple, or for when you want to go big and bold. 

For those who prefer a more refined finish to their looks, our Glass Pearl Huggie Hoops are an easy solution to incorporate pearls into your look. With a simple silver band suspending a larger imitation pearl, these classic earrings can be worn alone as the final touch to an evening look. Or, wear them alongside a stack of simple silver huggies for a shining addition.

If you prefer statement styling, these trendy Big Metal London Pearl Daisy Hoops are guaranteed to fit perfectly in your silver jewellery collection. With a chunky silver band that wraps around the ear and a thread of freshwater pearls, they take the shape of a daisy to add the sweetest floral flourish. Big enough to take any outfit to the next level, these hoops would also pair beautifully with anything in your new silver collection.

Caring For Your Collection

Building a silver jewellery collection is not something that most people can do quickly. It can take a long time! So, one of the most important things you can do is learn how to properly care for your collection. Then, you can make sure you get to keep your prized pieces looking great.

Not Getting it Wet

Silver plated jewellery can tarnish and lose its shine over time, so preventing it from getting wet or exposing it to moisture is a good preventative measure. Try not to shower in your silver plated jewellery and leave it out of your bathroom in general. If your bathroom is humid, or gets filled with steam, this can have a negative impact on your jewellery. 

With sterling silver jewellery, keeping it away from water is a good habit to get into. But, if you do shower in your solid silver jewellery it is less likely to tarnish, but it will lose its original polished appearance.

Cleaning Your Collection

Naturally, from everyday wear, your jewellery may begin to look dull. This means it’s a great time to give your silver plated jewellery a quick clean. As we do not want to get the plated jewellery wet, simply using a dry jewellery cloth will do the trick. Grab a polishing cloth and gently buff the surface of your jewellery to regain its shine. 

Alternatively, with your sterling silver jewellery, polishing it with silver polish, or using a home remedy like bicarbonate of soda mixed with water will help to give your silver pieces their shine back. You can also give your sterling silver jewellery to a professional jeweller to clean it for you!

Storing it Properly

Finally, to keep your pieces clean and dust-free, storing them inside a lined jewellery box or case is a great way to preserve your jewellery. A great way to ensure they are untouched by any moisture in the air, we have a wide range of jewellery boxes and cases for you to choose from. Whether you’re looking for a storage solution for your home or a mini case to travel with, you can find the perfect piece for your needs here.

Inspired? Explore our selection of seriously stunning silvers and start building your collection!

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