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How to care for dried flowers | 7 tips for keeping your blooms beautiful

By Sophie Carter - 11th April 2023

How to Care for Your Dried Flowers

If you've selected the perfect posy or beautiful bouquet and you're wondering where to begin with keeping it looking pretty, The Norfolk Flower Room are here to help. Dried flowers are notoriously longer lasting than fresh florals, and if properly cared for, will stay looking as fab as the day they were purchased. We've created a helpful guide of 7 top tips for caring for your beautiful new blooms, from arranging to dusting. Be sure to follow each step with care and your flowers will bring a stunning splash of colour and texture to your home for many months, or even years.

Tip 1 - Arrange your dried flowers with care in a designated spot

You'll likely already know the vase you want to use to display your bright new bunch, but if you're unsure where in the home you want to position them, figure this out before you pop them in place. Due to their more brittle nature, dried flowers can be more delicate than fresh if moved around too much, so it's essential to keep them in a permanent spot in the home.

Tip 2 - Carefully consider where you keep your dried flowers

A cool, dry space will provide the perfect environment for your dried flowers to stay looking beautiful. Ensure you keep them out of any rooms with any excessive steam or moisture such as a bathroom or kitchen, as your flowers will need access to good airflow, and any moisture will encourage mould to grow on the stems. It is especially important to keep them in a cool space in the warmer months of the year.

Carefully Arrange Your Dried Flower Bouquet in a Permanent Spot
Keep Your Dried Flowers Away From Sunlight and Water

Tip 3 - Keep your dried flowers out of direct sunlight

Due to their natural properties, the vibrancy of your dried flowers is likely to fade slightly over time. To slow down the process, we recommend that you do not keep your flowers in any direct sunlight as the rays will gradually strip each bloom of its gorgeous colour.

Tip 4 - Do not water your dried flowers

Unlike fresh florals or house plants, your dried flowers do not like water at all. Any water near your arrangement will make the stems of your flowers flimsy and prone to mould, meaning they'll lose their gorgeous texture and firm structure and will gradually begin to droop.

Tip 5 - Use a hairdryer to keep your dried flowers dust-free

As dried blooms are a much lower maintenance alternative to fresh flowers and plants, you won't need to tend to them as much. However, standing in the same spot for a long time can make them prone to collecting dust. To gently remove any dust build-up, we recommend giving your arrangement a gentle blow with a hairdryer on the lowest, coolest setting.

Tip 6 - Give your vase a regular clean to protect your dried flowers

Sometimes - especially in the summer months - vases can capture moisture from any humidity in the air, so it is worth gently removing your stems and giving the inside of the vase a dry with a clean towel. Your vase will also collect dust, just as your dried flowers will. When you remove the dust from your flowers, ensure you wipe the dust from the outside of the vase too, to keep your arrangement looking lovely.

Use a Hairdryer to Dust Your Dried Flowers and Regularly Clean The Vase
Keep Your Dried Flowers Away From Animals and Children

Tip 7 - Keep your dried flowers out of reach of pets and little ones

They may be bright and beautiful but they're strictly for display only, and little hands and busy paws don't mix well with a delightful dried flower arrangement! As bits such as petals or leaves will fall from the stems over time, it's important that your bouquet is out of reach of animals and children. This will also ensure that the arrangement is handled delicately, and will stop the stems from deteriorating at a quicker rate.

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