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International Yoga Day 2024 - Celebrating the Connection Between Lisa Angel and Yoga

By Francesca Leon - 20th June 2024

Women Practicing Yoga Together

The connection between Lisa Angel and yoga is inherently symbiotic, and we are delighted to join the celebration of International Yoga Day 2024. 

In celebration of International Yoga Day, our creator and creative director, Lisa, organised a yoga lesson for members of the Lisa Angel team. Lisa has always had an affinity for yoga, having regularly attended The Yoga Tree, based here in Norwich, for many years. She began her journey to becoming a yoga teacher with them this year, attending two classes per week, including practical and philosophical sessions. The course is challenging and, at home, Lisa ensures she practices for an hour a day with fifteen minutes of meditation, along with extensive reading and research. She has also been on a seven-day yoga retreat. Lisa plans to start teaching locally once she has graduated from training.

Her personal connection to yoga enhances our brand's authenticity and dedication to promoting wellness. The objective of this lesson was to create a shared bond as a team, reinforcing the importance of wellbeing in our workplace and embracing the benefits found in yoga.

Women Doing Cobra Pose in Yoga
Women Doing Tree Pose in Yoga

Lisa Angel’s foundation is built upon the values of creativity, positivity, and care, which we can see in the principles of yoga. Encouraging creativity through diverse and expressive postures creates positive energy by cultivating a calm, focused mind, and illustrates care through mindful practices, nurturing body and soul. This alignment of values strengthens our commitment to offering products that embody the essence of yoga, bringing tranquillity and balance into the lives of our customers.

About The Yoga Tree

The Yoga Tree Logo


Joss Guin, now Swami Atma Gyanam Saraswati, saw the potential for a beautiful yoga studio in a crumbling building on All Saints Green. After years of dedicated practice and training, Atma Gyanam transformed this vision into reality. Atma Gyanam founded The Yoga Tree in 2016, now a thriving community of over 20 yoga teachers and therapists, and has been described as “an oasis of peace in the centre of Norwich.” The feeling of the space has been described as powerful and calm with the ability to reveal something special every time someone is there. 

The Yoga Tree provides a variety of services to help individuals achieve their true state of health and happiness. Whether you need one-on-one sessions with an osteopath, personalised integrative therapy, yoga therapy, or simply an introductory yoga session, The Yoga Tree caters to everyone and everybody and brings together friends, food, and fun. The centre offers classes for all levels, from gentle sessions to strong exercises, along with opportunities for meditation, spiritual guidance, energetic healing with reiki, and spiritual healing with the medicine wheel. It’s also a welcoming space to sit, read, work, or chat in the cafe.

The Yoga Tree is here for you, providing a supportive environment to enhance your wellbeing and discover your true potential.

The Link Between Lisa Angel and the Principles of Yoga


We strive to see the good in the world and the best in people. Our products aim to contribute to beautiful memories and joyful moments, spreading happiness and sparking something special. This resonates with positive thinking and meditation. Yoga teaches that our mind drives our body and that maintaining a calm and steady mind is essential to our wellbeing. Through positive thinking and regular meditation practice, we can shift our perception and see the world in a positive light. 

Caring for Ourselves and Others

Care is a fundamental value at every level at Lisa Angel. We care deeply about our processes, our people, and the environment. This value is reflected in our commitment to acting with integrity, championing local businesses, and respecting the world around us. Pranayama (proper breathing) focuses on caring for our bodies through breathing, purifying the system and releasing vital energy that rejuvenates the body and mind. Both Lisa Angel and the practice of yoga underscore the vital nature of thoughtful, deliberate actions that enhance wellbeing and health.


Creativity is at the heart of everything we do at Lisa Angel, from creating new product ranges and personalised jewellery to designing standout pieces. This aligns seamlessly with yoga, which encourages mental clarity, physical creativity, and innovative thinking. Both practices celebrate the joy of discovery and the expansion of our capabilities.

The essence of yoga thrives within Lisa Angel, not only in our people but also in our products. From chakra jewellery to our in-house designed stationery and books that focus on yoga and meditation, we embody the spirit of calm and creativity. Explore our yoga products and discover what we have to offer.