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The Lisa Angel Guide to Personalisation

By Lauren Mason - 1st April 2020

A personalisation can add sentiment, style, and a special extra touch to jewelleryaccessoriesscarves and even homeware, so we here at Lisa Angel do our absolute best to provide you guys with only the very best methods and techniques when it comes to personalising your product.

From hand-stamping to embroidering, our highly skilled and trained creative teams carefully add your initials, names, messages and more to your orders, but how do they do it?

In this post we’ll fill you in on all you need to know about how Lisa Angel personalises your purchases, including our types of personalisations, the process that goes into each, our rules and limits, and also a handy FAQ section on your most asked questions. So, if you’ve ever wondered how we do it, read on! And don't forget to watch our video, giving you glimpses into our world of personalisation and preperation...

Personalised Jewellery

a model holding an engraved heart necklace in palm of hand

Personalised jewellery makes the perfect sentimental gift for a loved one, a special memento for a best mate, and a fabulous treat for yourself. We use all sorts of personalisation techniques to make these necklaces, bracelets, earrings, rings and accessories personal to you, so if you've ever wondered how we do it, read on!

Hand-Stamped Personalisation

Hand-stamping has been a firm favourite personalisation style not only of ours but of our customers for years. Our fantastic team of jewellery makers put an incredible amount of effort and care into stamping your wording onto jewellery and accessories, giving your pieces that unique and personal look that only comes with hand-stamping.

Our hand-stampers use three sets of various sized upper case letter stamps and one case of large lower case letter stamps for all of our hand-stamped personalisations, and each set is used for different product types.

  • For single initials, the team uses the large upper case stamps.
  • For names and messages along our large charms, bar jewellery and more, the team uses the medium upper case stamps.
  • For names along our small charms, the team uses the small upper case stamps.
  • For wording on key rings, our team uses a mixture of the lower case stamps and upper case stamps.

You may have noticed we don’t use lower case letters on our jewellery when it comes to hand-stamping. This is due to the size of the lower case stamps! The letters are simply too big to fit neatly onto most of our jewellery, and if we got them any smaller then they’d start getting tricky to read.

Diamond Engraved Personalisation

a worker setting up the diamond engraved machine

First, a member of the engraving team will get your name, message, or handwritten wording up on the machine’s computer. They’ll line the text up and make sure all the measurements are exactly right before fitting the item to be personalised in the machine using clamps or rubber vices. Then they’ll step back and let the machine do its thing!

Blackened Engraved Personalisation

Similar to diamond engraving, this fabulous engraving machine personalises the product expertly and with incredible detail. So what makes it different to diamond engraving? This machine leaves a dark finish across the letters and lines it engraves for a bold look. Due to the fantastic precision of this machine, all sorts of fonts can be engraved, big or small, onto jewellery and accessories from the curliest cursive to the chunkiest capitals. Our team simply get your text formatted on the computer, then line up your jewellery to be speedily engraved.

a person setting up a piece of jewellery on the engraving machine

Another fab feature of this machine is its ability to engrave drawings. Amazing, right? On select pieces of jewellery we give you the option to have a drawing or handwritten message engraved onto the pendant or clasp, creating a seriously special accessory you’ll never want to take off.

Hand-Stamping and Engraving… What’s The Difference?

 It can get a little confusing when it comes to the differences between what a hand-stamped personalisation and an engraved personalisation actually looks like, so here are some examples…


lisa angel personalised initials engraved and hand stamped on heart charms


lisa angel personalised names engraved and hand stamped on heart charms


lisa angel personalised messages engraved and hand stamped on circular charms

Personalised Glassware

lisa angel wildflower gin glass being machine engraved

From gin goblets to whiskey tumblers, from wine glasses to carafes, we laser engrave almost all of our glassware to make it personal to you. We laser engrave names, messages, our own designs and even your drawings onto our glass products through the power of laser technology (we love technology)!

Personalised Scarves

model wearing bright personalised scarf in front of stone wall and trees

Whether it’s a summer breeze or a winter blizzard you want to stay cosy in, our range of fashion and winter scarves are the accessories for the job. We like to give our scarves an extra edge by personalising them in two different but equally as gorgeous ways; vinyl film and embroidery.


Vinyl film is a personalisation style with endless possibilities. First, our team will get your wording ready to print onto the vinyl film, then once printed they will carefully remove the vinyl lettering from the film. With delicate precision, they’ll then place and press the vinyl wording onto the scarf before putting the accessory through a heat press to fix the film.

watercolour lovebirds scarf personlised in gold vinyl with name sarah


With state of the art equipment, we’re able to embroider your word or name onto our thick blanket scarves in a range of thread colours and styles. A member of our highly trained team will prepare your personalisation on the machine and line up your scarf to be stitched, then they’ll let the machine will do its job!

red personlised lambswool scarf embroidered with LHR in constellation lettering

More Vinyl Personalisations

Let’s talk a little more about vinyl personalisations. Like we said before, our staff will get your wording lined up on the machine and print it, before carefully removing the intricate vinyl lettering from the film and applying it to your product. But did you know we don’t just personalise scarves with vinyl? We’ve taken to applying vinyl lettering to not only scarves, but accessories, jewellery and homeware too!

From lockets and notebooks with initials to jewellery boxes and make up bags with names, vinyl is the perfect versatile personalisation to span across all of our product categories. In a range of colours and textures, we’re sure you’ll love the finish a vinyl personalisation gives.

Bespoke Personalisation

We at Lisa Angel know how important it is for a gift to be just right, so we offer bespoke personalisations.

If you’ve got an idea for a personalisation in your head that just won’t leave you alone, but you don’t see the option on our site, then just give us a call on 01603 859111 or email us at cs@lisaangel.co.uk to discuss your personalisation idea! We’ll do our absolute best to make your special requests happen.

worker personalising jewellery box with vinyl

Personalisation Suggestions

person hand stamping a ring

Having trouble thinking of the perfect personalisation? Here are some of our favourite ideas:

Special dates for anniversaries – whether it’s the date of your first kiss, the day you moved in together, or the day you got married, an important date is a fantastic personalisation for all kinds of anniversaries.

Initials for yourself – who doesn’t love showing off their initial? It’s the best of the alphabet, after all! Get yourself a necklace with your initial hand-stamped onto the pendant, or a keyring with it laser engraved proudly in the centre.

Names for your besties – a charm bracelet with 18k gold plated charms, carefully hand-stamped with yours and your best friend’s name will make a gift they’ll never forget.

Messages for capturing memories and declaring love – From quotes to words of love, you can have whatever message your heart desires personalised. Try a meaningful lyric engraved on a bar necklace for the love of your life, or a wild in joke hand-stamped onto a bangle for your weird little sister.

Frequently Asked Questions

Our wonderful customer service team does a great job helping our lovely customers every single day, so we asked them for some of your most asked questions when it comes to personalisations. We had a chat with some of our highly skilled personalisation pros to get your guys some answers…

"How strict are the character limits? Can I add one or two extra letters?"

The character limits on most of our products aren’t set in stone, but they’re there as a guideline. Adding extra characters for items that are engraved, embroidered or have vinyl applied will result in your text size being reduced, while adding extra characters for items that are hand-stamped will result in your letters being stamped closer together.

"Can you engrave and hand-stamp in languages other than English, like Greek or Chinese?"

If we can look up your language or special characters of choice online, then we can engrave it onto your product! Hand-stamping, unfortunately, is limited to languages made up of the English alphabet. We can use our punctuation tools to create accents and umlauts, but for totally accurate language personalisations we advise you choose engraving.

"It looks like hand-stamping only comes in capital letters. How do I enter it into the personalisation box?"

Don’t worry about making sure your wording is capitalised! Hand-stamping jewellery only comes in upper case, so regardless of what you type we’ll be stamping it in upper case letters. For some of our keyrings and charms we’re able to stamp in lower case, so for those listings we’ll personalise your item exactly how you’ve typed it. Make sure to check the personalisation guidelines on the listing before entering your text!

"Can you hand-stamp symbols?"

Yes! These are the punctuation and symbols we’re able to stamp: ! ? & ( ) . , ‘ @ # (we can also stamp a heart outline and a star outline).

"The back of my stamped charm has some marks on it. Why is this?"

Our charms are made from brass with high quality 18k gold plating, so it takes a little bit of force to get the letters clearly stamped onto the surface. Because of this, sometimes marks appear on the other side of the charm. We do our best to remove these marks with cloths, but unfortunately we cannot go any lighter with our stamping. We think the slight marks add even more of a handmade feel!

"Can you engrave logos and pictures? And can I choose a different font, if I see one I like elsewhere?"

With our blackened engraving machine and our laser engraving machine, we are able to engrave logos and pictures onto some jewellery and glassware. Head on over to our bespoke personalisation page for more info on how we can help you make your personalisation dreams a reality!

We can engrave in whatever font you’d like using our blackened engraving machine, but we cannot engrave using a font we don’t have the rights to. Make sure the font you like isn’t one that’s copywrited, or we unfortunately won’t be able engrave it.

"My engraving was very small. Can you do it any larger?"

Due to the size of our vices that hold jewellery and accessories in place in our machines, the engraved lettering is usually smaller than the width of the item, and therefore can be pretty small. Sadly there’s nothing we can do about this, so if you’d like a big and clear personalisation then we suggest taking a look at some of our products with larger surface areas to engrave.

"Can I get one of your existing personalised phrases altered a little?"

Absolutely! Head to our bespoke personalisation page and we’ll try our best to give you the personalisation you’re looking for.

"Can my text run lengthways down the bar instead of sideways?"

Your text can run whichever way you’d like! If it’s different to how it looks on the listing, simply go to the bespoke personalisation page and send your desired personalisation to our customer service team, and we’ll do our best to bring you the perfect personalisation.

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