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What is a birth flower? A handy guide for discovering your birthday bloom

By Sophie Carter - 26th May 2023

Birth Flower Jewellery Pieces Make Wonderful Birthday Presents for Loved Ones

Everyone has heard of star signs and likely birthstones too, but a floral phenomenon has taken the jewellery, accessory, and homeware world by storm - birth flowers. So what exactly is a birth flower? These beautiful birthday blooms have been around for many generations, and are similar to birthstones in that there is a unique flower assigned to each month. The flower designated to each month usually ties to the season it is most likely to bloom and flourish, creating a perfect parallel between you and your flower.


Birth flowers are perfect for adding to jewellery and accessories as they're usually bursting with colour and give a great nod to nature. If you're unsure what to gift a friend or loved one for an upcoming birthday, you can't go wrong with a stunning birth flower piece for fuss-free, thoughtful gifting.

How do I find out my birth flower?

We've created a simple guide to each birth month and its corresponding floral, to ensure you can find the exact birth flower for you or a special someone. Some months have more than one flower, which is due to some florals not being as readily available in different regions. Many of our birth flower pieces feature either option for each month, so we've mentioned both flowers for the months when there is more than one.

The Birth Flower For January is Carnation

What is the birth flower for January?


A beautiful fringe-petaled flower ranging vastly in colour from reds to yellows, carnations are a staple in floristry across much of the world. The carnation is often referred to as the 'flower of the gods' and is thought to represent strong feelings of love and admiration, making it a go-to for romance and remembrance gifting. 

What is the birth flower for February?

Violet & Iris

February is a notoriously cold month, with very few flowers blooming in this particular part of the winter season. Violets, however, tend to thrive in the coldest months in their native habitat of dense woodlands, and their deep purple and blue hues can be seen peppering the British countryside as we edge further into spring. Violets typically have heart-shaped leaves and rounded petals, and come in a variety of shades including yellow and cream. They are considered to symbolise modesty, faithfulness, and wisdom.

Similar to violets, irises grow naturally in the drier regions of the Northern Hemisphere and are seen to thrive more in the colder months. Irises tend to have three to six downturned petals and three petals that point upwards. Like violets, they display glorious purple tones which stand out among the gloomy winter landscapes.



The Birth Flower For February is Violet
The Birth Flower For March is Daffodil

What is the birth flower for March?


As one of the first flowers to bloom at the beginning of spring, the daffodil is thought to symbolise new beginnings and prosperity. Traditionally appearing in varying shades of sunny yellow and soft cream, daffodils are made up of six petals and a trumpet-shaped centre with intricate frills to the petal edges. One of the sunniest flowers to bloom in the UK, daffodils are perfect for filling homes with splashes of spring cheer, to symbolise the warmer months being just around the corner.

What is the birth flower for April?


Another early spring bloomer, daisies are sweet little flowers likely to pepper grassy land from April through to September. Daisies feature silky soft thin white petals and a sunny yellow centre, adding to a classic spring landscape of pretty pastels and warm florals. Daisies represent innocence, purity, and transformation, and are renowned for bringing joy to those who pass by them.

The Birth Flower for April is Daisy
The Birth Flower For May is Lily

What is the birth flower for May?


With dainty, bell-shaped white flowers and a strong, sweet smell, the lily flower is known for spreading wildly across English countryside in spring, given the right conditions. Representing honour, purity, and true bliss, these flowers have become a classic symbol for late spring and the early signs of summer, and are often planted in home gardens as simple foliage due to their enchanting aroma. 

What is the birth flower for June?


Long revered as a classic symbol of romance and true love, roses come in a wealth of sizes, types, and colours. Shades such as white, pink, and red tend to be the most popular for gifting, and are often given to friends or loved ones as a sign of adoration. As June is known as the perfect month for roses to bloom to their full potential, they have long been considered the primary birth flower for this sunny summer month, particularly those with a fresh pink hue.

The Birth Flower For June is Rose
The Birth Flower For July is Delphinium

What is the birth flower for July?

Delphinium (Larkspur)

Just as sunny July brings joy and satisfaction to many, delphinium flowers are a symbol of grace, positivity, and joy. Also known as larkspur, delphiniums are a member of the buttercup family and tend to bloom in early summer, growing in groups along a single stalk. Each delphinium flower has five petals and a pointed spur in the centre. These sweet purple and blue flowers make a bold addition to a summer garden given their striking height and stunning colour.

What is the birth flower for August?


Associated with the month of August due to mid-to-late summer being their prime time to bloom, gladiolus are gorgeous, colourful florals, and are a member of the iris family. These trumpet-shaped flowers bloom from a large stalk that can reach between 2 and 5 feet tall and come in a rainbow of pretty colours such as white, pink, red, purple, and yellow. The flower has long been associated with healing and is often used to symbolise strength, passion, and integrity.

The Birth Flower For August is Gladiolus
The Birth Flower For September is Aster

What is the birth flower for September?


A slightly more unusual member of the daisy family, the aster flower is known for providing a much-needed pop of colour to a garden as late summer transitions into early autumn. Aster flowers resemble larger daisies with soft, thin petals in white, yellow, pink, purple, red, or blue, and feature a sweet white or yellow centre. They are often associated with love, patience, and faith and are often gifted to friends and family to add a pop of colour into the home as the daylight hours begin to deplete. 

What is the birth flower for October?


Easy to grow in domestic gardens and known to continually provide vibrant colour until the first autumn frost, marigolds are often associated with the month of October due to their warm hues. Often in glowing orange and yellow shades, these abundant flowers feature a collection of rich autumnal petals bunched tightly together. Marigolds are known for symbolising creativity, peace, and warmth, making them perfect for gifting to those October babies.

The Birth Flower For October is Marigold
The Birth Flower For November is Chrysanthemum

What is the birth flower for November?


Known to be the flower most associated with autumn, chrysanthemums provide the last true pop of colour in a domestic garden. Often used to autumn displays, chrysanthemums have a long history of symbolism to compassion, friendship, and joy, making them a wonderful flower for gifting to special friends. In a daisy-like shape with slim, pointed petals and a dense centre, these flowers are perfect for lending a splash of colour to the colder, darker months of the year. The original colour of the chrysanthemum was golden, but through cultivation the flower now comes in a variety of shades such as yellow, orange, white, purple, pink, and red. 

What is the birth flower for December?

Narcissus & Poinsettia

Commonly known as hallmarks of the holiday season, narcissus flowers and poinsettia plants are famous for their association with Christmas. Narcissus flowers grow from paperwhite bulbs and bloom into stunning white flowers much akin to daffodils. They're known to represent hope, wealth, protection, and produce fragrant white blooms and as many as a dozen flowers per bulb. 

Poinsettias are actually known as plants, rather than flowers, and feature heavily in winter due to their stunning ruby red shades. Featuring large red leaves that surround the flowering part of the plant, poinsettias are thought to symbolise success and good cheer, making them perfect for the party season.

The Birth Flower For December is Narcissus & Poinsettia

With so many birth flower gifts available to perk up a special someone's big day, you can ensure you're gifting something pretty, unique, and personal to the recipient. Need a little floral inspo? Our wide range of birth flower gifts is bursting with beautiful pieces just waiting to be explored.

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