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What is a Jellycat? Introducing the sweetest, softest plush toys, loved by many

By Sophie Carter - 1st March 2023

Easter Range of Jellycat Toys

For many people around the world, the name Jellycat is synonymous with the softest, sweetest cuddly companions. The brand was born in London in 1999 with a passion to create luxuriously soft toys for children and adults of all ages. The Jellycat family has grown year on year since the brand began, with each treasured toy designed with a child's vivid imagination in mind. The name itself was dreamt up by a child who loved the idea of the words 'jelly' and 'cat' squashed together, thus creating the whimsical brand and logo many around the world adore almost a quarter of a century later.

If you're not yet familiar with this family of furry friends, it may be time to take a little peruse through the collection. At Lisa Angel we're lucky enough to offer a great range of Jellycat toys for you to choose from. We've even answered some key questions below to ensure you discover your perfect plush pal!

What is a Jellycat and what makes them so special?

Jellycat use the most luxurious, tactile fabrics to create charming plushies with sensory elements, making them ideal for children. Collected and treasured by both kids and adults, many of their core range toys are iconic and recognised worldwide. You will likely have spotted a Bashful Bunny or two at a baby shower or christening, or clenched lovingly in a child's hand. With many of their toys suitable from birth, it is no wonder that they're one of the best-loved toys for newborn babies worldwide. Ideal for gifting to loved ones or little ones no matter the occasion, these cute, cuddly creatures come in a variety of shapes, sizes, and themes to ensure the recipient finds a fuzzy friend completely perfect for them.

Who are Jellycat toys most suitable for?

Jellycat believe soft toys have no age limit, and the undeniable charm of every single toy in their range make them ideal for the young, and the young at heart! With many of their toys suitable from birth unless they have an age-recommendation hangtag, it's no wonder why they're one of the best-loved toys for children and babies worldwide. Their squishy, beanie tummies and baby-soft fur make them the ideal gift for a new baby or a get well present for kids needing comfort. As well as their many charming cuddly characters, Jellycat also create adventure books with enchanting stories to give even more personality to some of their cute creatures. Despite their suitability for little people, however, it's impossible for adults not to fall in love with Jellycat toys too, and many grown-ups around the world take pride in building their expansive Jellycat collections.

What sort of creatures are available from Jellycat?

It takes a huge amount of imagination to give a quirky personality to a snuggly sunflower or a sweet speckled egg, but in the hands of Jellycat, anything is possible. With so many ranges of cuddly creatures, it can never be too difficult to find the right Jellycat for yourself or your recipient. Their range of funky food-themed characters has taken the world by storm, with many people collecting as many yummy-looking furry friends as they can. For any child, foodie, or cuddly toy enthusiast, these adorable (albeit, not edible) plushies make a wonderfully enchanting gift. 

The largest and most popular Jellycat theme is undoubtedly animals. Whether you're a fan of farm animals, or you're on the hunt for a cute, cuddly canine companion or a faithful feline friend, Jellycat is your go-to. Know a little one who's mad about dinosaurs? You can't go wrong with a fun Fossily Brontosaurus or a beastly Bashful Dino. Jellycat also offer sensational seasonal ranges for celebrations such as Christmas and Easter, meaning you can gift a cuddly bundle of joy in place of a stocking filler or Easter egg! We are currently stocking some fab fluffs from Jellycat's Easter range, with springtime soft toys like Cluny Cockerel and Sunshine Bunny just waiting to be cherished.

How do you care for your Jellycat toy?

They might not be living and breathing, but they still deserve bundles of love and care to ensure they remain your super special friend for time to come. While they're not being showered with love and hugs, you can spruce up your Jellycat by surface-washing them with gentle soap before rinsing them with cool water. Jellycat suggest handwashing to be the best method for giving your creatures a spring clean, but it is important to check the sew-in care label for further advice on how best to give them a pamper. To keep their famously fluffy fur in tip-top condition, it is recommended to dry your Jellycat with a hair dryer with little to no heat. This will ensure their fur remains as silky smooth as it was the day you made them yours!

Above all else, Jellycat pride themselves on their individuality, and at Lisa Angel, we too like to celebrate true uniqueness. That's why we're delighted to be a stockist of these enduringly adorable soft toys, and why we fall in love with each and every plushie that makes its way into our range. No matter who you're shopping for or what you're searching for, it's impossible not to be drawn into the sweet smiling faces and cute, quirky characters Jellycat have to offer.

Let your imagine run wild and embark on an exciting adventure through the world of Jellycat by shopping the range on Lisa Angel today.

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