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16 Bridesmaid Proposal Box Gift Ideas for Filling Your Friends with Joy

By Emily Huxtable - 14th May 2024

Bridesmaid opening bridesmaid proposal box

Before wedding planning is in full swing, deciding who you want to accompany you down the aisle is the next big step. Seen as a true privilege for close friends and family to walk with their loved one on the biggest day of their life, becoming a bridesmaid is a cherished moment. You may be curious of all the ways you could ask your nearest and dearest. With so many methods, from simple to over-the-top, a bridesmaid proposal box is a wonderful way to show your appreciation for the treasured people in your life. 

A fairly new tradition, bridesmaid proposals bring a level of excitement to an otherwise arduous process. Bring some fun into the mix whilst deciding on your bridal party and craft a box unique to each loved one. 

There are a whole variety of things to fill bridesmaid proposal boxes with, and so many routes to go down. Go big and bold with personalised jewellery and tokens or simple and refined with a few treats hand-picked for them. No matter how you want to deliver the question, we have gift ideas galore to build the best box possible.

Deciding on your box

Figuring out how you want to present your chosen gifts is vital. If you have a vague idea of your budget, alongside some of the gifts you may want to include, you can pick the perfect vessel. Or, perhaps this may be the final stage to complete your bridesmaid proposal. After you’ve selected your gifts, you can find the ideal way to present them. Being the first thing your potential bridal party will see, you’ll want to make sure the exterior of your bridesmaid box is as pretty as the inside! You can achieve this in so many different ways, so don’t fret. Here are a few ideas for deciding on the perfect holder of your gifts.

1. Wooden hamper box

A meaningful keepsake, the wooden hamper box makes a great choice for those with a larger budget. If you have a smaller number of bridesmaids or just want to go all out, we have a selection of customisable wooden hamper boxes so you can personalise each one. Pop their name, a meaningful message, or even a date, on our gorgeous Wildflower Hamper Box to create a proposal box they will cherish forever.

Model opening Personalised Wildflower Hamper Box
Wicker hamper basket being used with gift hamper

2. Wicker hamper box

Perhaps a more affordable option, a wicker hamper box gives a rustic charm to any occasion. A great choice for achieving a gorgeous aesthetic, nestle your treats and trinkets inside a wicker hamper and present your loved ones with a seriously thoughtful bridesmaid proposal.

3. Kraft gift box

If your proposal boxes boast a smaller selection of prized pieces, a mini gift box might just suit. Super affordable and seriously cute, you can get small gift boxes from a variety of places. With custom bridesmaid options available or just a simple design, you can select what would work best for you. You could even get some plain kraft gift boxes and embark on a DIY project for an extra special touch! 

Compact mirror and mini posy inside of small kraft gift box

What do you put in a ‘will you be my bridesmaid’ box?

There are so many ways to customise your proposal boxes to your bridesmaids. No matter how many things you want to gift, you can find the perfect amount of treats to present to them with our glorious gift ideas.

Personalised Message

Model holding Personalised Foil Dried Flower Greetings Card

Personalised Foil Dried Flower Greetings Card

Getting the message across is arguably the most important task. Otherwise, your bridal party might not know what they’re saying yes to! Popping a custom card inside their bridesmaid box means you can write down a meaningful message for them to read when they open the lid. Our Personalised Foil Dried Flower Greetings Card makes a great option. With a unique mini posy fixed onto the front, the card will be adorned with your choice of wording in gold. Open the card to fill it with your words of affirmation for your chosen loved ones.

Personalised Meaningful Message Leather Bookmark held by model in front of open book

Personalised Meaningful Message Leather Bookmark

Alternatively, if you want to completely customise each proposal box to suit your bridesmaids, you may want to get the message across in some varied ways. A great option to ask your loved ones the big question, our Personalised Meaningful Message Leather Bookmark can be customised with your own wording to create a truly special gift. Perfect for the book-obsessed bridesmaids, you could do this with anything that fills that person with joy.


Set of 3 Rainbow and Gold Miyuki Daisy Beaded Bracelets on top of beige coloured fabric

Set of 3 Rainbow and Gold Miyuki Daisy Beaded Bracelets

If you’re a lover of sentimentality, friendship bracelets would make a great addition to your bridesmaid boxes. Particularly meaningful if your brood of bridesmaids are your closest friends, we have a selection of bracelets that would be perfect. Choose one of our sets of three beaded bracelets, like our Set of 3 Rainbow and Gold Miyuki Daisy Beaded Bracelets. With polished gold and rainbow detailing, these pieces complement each other whilst being different. Pop one of these each in their proposal boxes as a nostalgic nod to your lifelong friendship.

Personalised Engraved Birth Flower Disc Necklace on top of beige coloured fabric

Personalised Engraved Birth Flower Disc Necklace

Alternatively, a personalised piece of jewellery to commemorate your big day for your best friends and family would be a wonderful idea. To help give a bit back to your bridesmaids, adorning a necklace with their birthstone or birth flower would be a meaningful way to show your appreciation. Our Personalised Engraved Birth Flower Disc Necklace is engraved with your chosen recipient’s birth flower and their name to create a thoughtful gift they’re guaranteed to treasure.

Sweet Treats

Popcorn Shed Pink Gin Gourmet Popcorn against beige coloured background

Popcorn Shed Pink Gin Gourmet Popcorn

Get started on the celebrations by gifting your bridal party a delicious box of Pink Gin Gourmet Popcorn. Crafted by the Popcorn Shed, this delectable food gift features fluffy popcorn tossed in pink gin-infused caramel. As crunchy as it is tangy, if your loved ones adore a classic pink gin and lemonade, this popcorn won’t go amiss.

H!P Chocolate: Cookies No Cream Oat M!lk Chocolate Bar held by model

H!P Chocolate: Cookies No Cream Oat M!lk Chocolate Bar

If you’re on the lookout for a tasty treat to finish off your vegan or dairy-free friend’s box, this delicious Cookies No Cream bar from Hip Chocolate would be a great pick. Planet-friendly and good for the soul, this scrummy bar has oat milk chocolate packed full of crunchy cookie bites for the tastiest treat around.

Tasty Tipples

100ml Edmunds Cocktails Elderflower Collins on top of wooden counter

100ml Edmunds Cocktails Elderflower Collins

What bridesmaid box is complete without a delicious tipple? We boast a wide selection of drink choices to fill up their hamper. If you know just how much they adore a certain cocktail, use this time to customise each box with an Edmunds Cocktail unique to them. With a choice from stars like the passion fruit martini to an elderflower collins, this delicious drink might just sway them all the way to saying ‘yes’! 

Personalised 200ml Name Gin on top of wooden counter with glass in background

Personalised 200ml Name Gin

Or, if you’re after something a little extra special, we craft the prettiest personalised gin bottles. Take our Personalised 200ml Name Gin for example. The perfect size for them to enjoy over the coming weeks, or perhaps when it’s all over, you can choose from timeless London dry gin or tantalising pink gin. Customise the label with their name, some meaningful wording and the date of your wedding to ramp up the excitement!

Custom Glassware

Gold Celestial Balloon Gin Glass against wooden counter

Gold Celestial Balloon Gin Glass

To help them enjoy their delicious gin, chosen by you, why not treat them to a gin glass to complete the duo? Our Gold Celestial Balloon Gin Glass is the sweetest take on a traditional goblet glass. Featuring a wide basin adorned with a golden celestial print, this glass holds cosmic motifs to create a stunning starry design that your loved ones will treasure every time as soon as they open it up! You might want to make sure to package it up extra tight, though.

model holding Personalised Birth Flower Tumbler on top of wooden counter

Personalised Birth Flower Tumbler

Alternatively, if you want to treat your friends to a special piece of glassware that they can cherish, our Personalised Birth Flower Tumbler can be engraved with your loved ones’ names alongside their birth flower. Or, you could personalise it with the flower that fits your wedding theme! No matter how you choose to customise this polished tumbler, you can be sure they’ll adore this new addition to their glassware collection.

Beauty Bits

Restful Night Himalayan Bath Salts against beige coloured background

Restful Night Himalayan Bath Salts

Being a bridesmaid is a tough job! Why not treat them to something special to help them relax? After all their work is done and dusted, having some time to unwind won’t go unappreciated. Help them on their way to a truly serene haven with some of our very own Himalayan Bath Salts. With a gorgeous concoction of jojoba and lavender essential oils, these Himalayan bath salts have been infused to promote rest. Add a few teaspoons into a running bath to fragrance the room and de-stress into a heavenly evening.

Restful Night Pulse Point Roller Ball against neutral coloured background

Restful Night Pulse Point Roller Ball

If there is just no time to relax, our Pulse Point Roller Ball is a great solution. It's crafted with vitamin E and infused with restful lavender, calming chamomile and neroli oil. As wonderfully scented as it is helpful, this pocket perfume can be applied at any point during the day for a small moment of mindfulness. Give your bridesmaids a moment to themselves with this roller ball perfume, and they can wear it on your special day, or have it as an aid to sleep after the celebrations are done.

Dried Flowers

model holding Friend Tiny Matchbox Dried Flower Posy against beige background

Friend Tiny Matchbox Dried Flower Posy

As a long-lasting remember of your special day, including some dried flowers in your bridesmaid boxes would be the cutest addition. Helping your loved ones feel adored whilst gifting them a colourful piece to encapsulate your marriage, our Tiny Matchbox Dried Flower Posy includes a mini floral arrangement held inside a sliding matchbox. On the top of the lid, the wording ‘friends are like flowers, they brighten your day’ sits, letting them know just how special they are to you.

Assorted Dried Flower Offcuts inside of packaging against beige background

Assorted Dried Flower Offcuts

For a more rustic touch, you could also utilise dried flowers to add some petal confetti to your boxes. You can also use dried flowers to decorate the boxes or to create your very own posies. With our Assorted Dried Flower Offcuts, each box is filled with an array of different florals so you can craft something breathtaking with each box.

Trinkets and Tokens

Enjoy the Little Things Compact Mirror standing against neutral coloured background

Enjoy the Little Things Compact Mirror

As a practical but pretty gift, a compact mirror would be a good choice to pop in each bridesmaid box. Ideal for keeping handy on the big day, or just all day every day, a handheld mirror is a great mini token gift. We have a wide range of portable mirrors to suit your friends and family’s style, but our Enjoy the Little Things Compact Mirror is a great choice if you’re stuck. With a white PU exterior adorned with flowers and the wording ‘enjoy the little things’ your bridesmaids-to-be can get excited about all the little treats you have presented them with.

Tiny Matchbox Ceramic Champagne Token open showing champagne token inside

Tiny Matchbox Ceramic Champagne Token

As some final additions to complete your perfect ‘will you be my bridesmaid?’ boxes, mini trinkets are the sweetest add-on. Small but mighty, a thoughtful token gift can mean the most! We have such a wide selection of matchbox tokens, with dried flowers or ceramic ornaments hidden inside. Our ceramic tokens include adorable tiny decorations that can be held as good luck charms or displayed on shelves and bedsides. Our Tiny Matchbox Ceramic Champagne Token is a great choice to finish off your bridesmaid boxes as an ode to the celebrations yet to come!

This is just a small selection of the many gift options we have to create the sweetest bridesmaid proposal boxes. Explore more gift ideas here.