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How to Have the Perfect Galentine's Day

By Stacy Curry - 5th February 2024

With Valentine’s Day on the horizon, it’s time to start thinking about the best day of the year….Galentine’s Day! Forget February 14th, we’re all about the 13th and celebrating friendship. Your friends are the people who are there no matter what, they are your community and the people who know exactly how to have your kind of fun. We know we couldn’t manage without our best friends and we’re sure you feel the same way. You may find yourself asking ‘What is Galentine’s Day?’ but don’t worry, we’re here to give you the scoop. Growing in popularity every year, the day is all about celebrating sisterhood, empowerment and platonic love.  Initially started by Parks and Recreation’s much-loved Leslie Knope in 2010, the concept took the world by storm before becoming a popular holiday in 2020. Whether this is your first year getting into the spirit or you make the most of it every year, we have some great suggestions on making 2024’s Galentine’s one to remember.

Dinner Plans

Girl dinner definitely became a popular catchphrase in 2023, but we’ve got something a little more organised in mind for you. Get your girls together and do dinner. If you’re the type of group that loves an excuse to get dressed up and treat yourselves then book a table somewhere incredible and let loose. Alternatively, if you and your inner circle prefer a cosy night in, plan the perfect dinner for your tastes. From a full three-course meal to a charcuterie and wine spread, you can lay out the most delicious feast. If you want to add an extra element of fun,  pick a theme and go all out, whether that’s a country, movie or colour theme. If you choose to do dinner at home, we suggest theming your table settings to create even more joy. 

Whichever option you choose, we definitely recommend supporting local. As a small business ourselves we know just how much of a difference it makes. Why not grab a table at an independent restaurant if you decide to head out, or hit up delicatessens and small businesses for your night in? Support your community and enjoy your dinner knowing even more love and hard work went into it.

Date Days

If you and your girl gang are less about dinner and more about making memories, then planning a group activity to suit you all is definitely the perfect idea. Getting together and having fun is the best way to create memories, and we have some great ideas for you. If you all bonded over a love of animals then a zoo date is a must for Galentine’s Day! Take a picnic and enjoy seeing all of your favourite furry friends up close and personal. Zoos also make for great picture opportunities for you all to add to your albums. 

Pottery painting is an ideal activity if you all love to get creative. Whether you choose to go to a local business and get the full experience, or buy pre-made sets and just have a laugh, you’ll all get to go home with a reminder of your friendship and the memories you made that day. You could even go Powerpuff Girls style and all paint in the same style but with your favourite colour. 

You can never go wrong with a movie night, especially if you’re all much more low-key and love to relax. Pick a movie on the Galentine’s Day theme, like How to be Single or Bridesmaids and get cosy on the sofa to enjoy. Don’t forget to prepare a feast - snack style of course!


While giving gifts isn’t an essential part of the Galentine’s Day festivities, we know we can’t resist spoiling our best friends. Feeling loved and appreciated by the women closest to you is the best, and returning that is why sisterhood and days like Galentine’s exist. Whether you’ve got a group of close-knit friends or just one super special friend, we have something that will show them just how much you adore them. 



If you’re looking for a small gift that will bring them joy, then one of our Matchbox Gifts is perfect. Choose between a ceramic token or a tiny posy of dried flowers, whichever matches their personality best. These little mini-gifts are the sweetest reminder of your friendship and sisterhood and are sure to make her smile every time she looks at it.


We know we can’t resist pretty jewellery, and if your friends can’t resist a shiny treat too then we have the best pieces to gift. Whether they’re a statement earring girl, or they favour a delicate necklace, receiving a gift that has been carefully selected with your tastes in mind is always truly lovely. From an array of cute friendship bracelets to fun pieces that will make them feel super-special, we have what you’re looking for in our Gifts for Friends range.


Alternatively, if they adore a cute homeware gift, then why not remind them how to love themselves with a book? Or, gift them the cutest little pink heart Jellycat to snuggle up with at night, as a reminder of how loved they truly are. You know the best way to pick your friends up or give them a little boost, so shop our range to find the perfect gift for her.

Postal Gifts

Don’t forget your friends who live far away either! If you want to make them feel a part of your celebrations or just want to use this as an excuse to spoil them a little, why not send one of our sweet letterbox gifts? Designed to go directly to your friend’s door and through their postbox, this is a simple way to show your friend how adored they are.

No matter what your ideal Galentine’s Day is, we hope you’ll celebrate your friendships and womanhood this year to remind yourselves that a life surrounded by amazing friends is as special as it gets. Spoil your friends with love, food, gifts or just affection and remember to have a happy Galentine’s Day with your girls. You all deserve it!


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