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Introducing Lisa Angel Candles: Handmade in Norfolk

By The LA Content Team - 8th December 2021

Lisa Angel candles in brown glass jars on wooden table

It’s here - what a little secret we’ve been keeping! Introducing our exclusive range of handmade candles and wax melts, poured locally here in Norfolk from 100% soy wax, in a range of 10 artisanal blends for your home.

Curated by Lisa herself with fragrances evoking particularly precious memories and moments, we proudly present our candle and wax melt collection, from us to you. Ready to wrap you up in light and airy florals, or dark and hazy fruits, our chosen wax is made from the oil of soybeans. It’s an entirely natural and renewable source that is biodegradable and carbon-neutral, and boasts a slower and much cleaner burn than paraffin wax, so you’ll be able to indulge in your chosen scent for longer.

With a scent for everyone's space, and ready to spark your very own memories, let us get you acquainted…

Hand-poured candles

lisa angel neroli candle with gold lid stacked at the side and basket
a stack of lisa angel candles being lit with a wooden splint

Each soy wax candle has 50 hours of burn time and features layered fragrance oils to create a refined finish with true depth of fragrance. Each blend is hand poured into recyclable glass around a cotton wick in the centre; simply relight the candle for multiple uses and fill your home with mood-enhancing scents.

Lime, Basil & Mandarin
citrus notes of mouth-watering lime and mandarin paired with peppery undertones of basil transport you back to sunny summer days at the farmers’ market

deep and earthy, with an uplifting citrus twist to relax and unwind

Plum and Rhubarb
ripe plum and fresh rhubarb reminiscent of your favourite crumble, this scent is an indulgent treat for evening relaxation

Sea Breeze
revitalising and awakening, reminiscent of a brisk walk along Norfolk’s best beaches

Wax melt bars

a basket of lisa angel wax melts
a lisa angel wax melt burning on a wooden board

With five scents to choose from, each five-cube bar is ready to be used in either a traditional or electric burner within your home. Simply break off a cube from our soy wax melt bars, place it in your burner of choice and as it melts away, appreciate the aroma that slowly fills the room.

Neroli, Lime and Basil
fruity with floral tones and a fresh herb finish

Norfolk Lavender and Lemon
soothing and subtle, a classic lavender base with zesty lemon notes to capture the scent of Norfolk’s famous lavender fields

Rose & Patchouli
delicate and deep, soft and light rose is infused with a warming patchouli

sweet and rich, a fruity blend with musky undertones

Rhubarb Gin
full bodied and bright, a clean gin base with sweet floral finish

Indian Ocean
warm and tropical, a combination of coconut and orange to transport you to the oceans

Behind the scenes, the Lisa Angel teams have been enjoying the scents all around the office as Lisa and our homeware buyer, Alana, were refining their final fragrance choices and sharing their thought process surrounding the collection!

Alana said “Working with Lisa to create this collection was so lovely! Selecting each scent wasn't easy; all the fragrance oils smelt so beautiful, but we are so happy with the resulting scents. If I had to choose, pomegranate is my secret favourite - but I also love neroli, as I worked on a citrus farm in Australia and it takes me back to picking oranges and pruning fruit trees on early summer mornings.”

Lisa shared how creating a calming atmosphere is so important to her wellbeing, allowing her to relax, unwind, and go about her daily routines. She added “I love lighting a candle during my yoga practise, and neroli is my current candle of choice.”

Shooting the final products was a creative process for our photographer, Sophie. “Shooting these candles for our website and catalogue has been such a treat,” she said. “They look and smell amazing - plum and rhubarb is first on my list to burn!”

Our accounts assistant Zhenya loves the Indian Ocean scent because “it reminds me of holidays with friends, with the sun on my skin and the sand between my toes!” and we couldn’t agree more! Just hand us a cocktail and we’re there!

Shop the collection

If you’re also tempted by our stunning handmade candles, then head over to our Lisa Angel Candles range to create a perfectly balanced and inviting atmosphere in your own living space.