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Make a dried flower wreath with The Norfolk Flower Room

By Emily Huxtable - 1st December 2023

The Norfolk Flower Room building our Gingerbread Christmas Dried Flower Wreath Making Kit

Learn how to make your dried flower wreath just like our wonderful team at The Norfolk Flower Room and display it with pride this Christmastime

There are many origins of the wreath we know today. Believed to have origins in Christianity, Victorian Britain, Ancient Greece and Rome, one thing we know for sure is they have always been used as a mode of celebration. Supposedly not used as their own standalone decoration, wreaths were used as ornaments for Christmas trees and created by making the most of the excess pine branches from the trees. With an appreciation for using leftover materials, and preventing waste, wreaths were created using evergreen botanicals. In the shape of a circle, these traditional wreaths resembled eternal life. 

Thought to have religious significance, due to their common circular shape, wreaths were often used throughout Advent. Laid on a flat surface, the wreath would be adorned with three candles with an additional candle in the centre. The four candles would be lit every Friday during the lead-up to Christmas Day. The last one, in the middle of the wreath, would be lit on Christmas Eve, as a welcoming of Christ. 

Along with these origins, wreaths were also created by the Greeks and Romans. Greeks would present winning athletes with crowns of laurel leaves whilst Romans would wear wreaths of botanicals as crowns. Both cultures would present wreaths of evergreens to family and friends as a New Year’s celebration, to honour the coming year. 

Today, wreaths are made in all shapes and sizes, out of all kinds of materials. They come pre-made or deconstructed, from a retailer or handmade. Our wonderful team at The Norfolk Flower Room crafts beautiful dried flower arrangements every day. Carefully created by hand, our 2023 Christmas collection takes two routes. Celebrating deep wine red hues with oranges and natural tones alongside pieces frosted with icy colours and cool-toned blues, we have pieces guaranteed to fit any festive theme. With ready-made, extravagant wreaths a part of every one of our Christmas ranges, we have also created DIY wreath kits so you can enjoy all the fun in the comfort of your home. 

Whilst pre-made wreaths have become a well-loved choice by families across the world, returning to the humble beginnings of wreath-making has become a special practice by many households. The joy of making wreaths comes in so many different formats. With plentiful methods to create an activity best suited to you and your loved ones, you can choose the one that will please all. Go out on a dry winter’s day and forage tree branches, twigs, pinecones, leaves and sprigs of berries. Use what you find to create a wreath unique to your location, and enjoy foraging with your friends. 

But sometimes, foraging for your finds may not prove bountiful. You may be left empty-handed or with an end result you hadn’t envisioned. Our wreath-making kit is the perfect solution. With the gathering all done for you, all that’s left for you is the creative freedom. Choose to arrange the foliage however you like and craft a wreath that reflects a piece of you to display in your home this season. 

We have two unique kits for you to choose from. Our Gingerbread Christmas Dried Flower Wreath Making Kit is specifically designed to bring a festive feel to any space. With neutral and green botanicals highlighted by aromatic dried orange slices, this special flower arrangement is the perfect Christmassy piece. 

If you want to learn about how to build a dried flower wreath using our Gingerbread Wreath Kit, we’ve put together the steps to help you create the most charming Christmas accessory for your home.

Gingerbread Christmas Dried Flower Wreath Making Kit open with model holding instructions card

Step 1

Open the box with care. It contains all of the necessary components to build your wreath! Get accustomed to each part and prepare to create a Christmas wreath to remember.

Separate the bunches of moss into 6 or so individual piles. Do the same with the flowers, bundling the different bunches together to create unique groupings of various florals. We think our Gingerbread Dried Flower Wreath works best with 6 bundles of each.

Step 2

Separate the bunches of moss into 6 or so individual piles. Do the same with the flowers, bundling the different bunches together to create unique groupings of various florals. We think our Gingerbread Dried Flower Wreath Kit works best with 6 bundles of each.

Model dividing moss and flowers into sections on top of base
Model arranging branches of flowers on top of wreath base

Step 3

Spread the bunches of flowers and moss across the wreath base until you feel it looks right. We recommend placing the bunches of flowers all in the same direction.  Don’t worry about keeping things even - this wreath is all about the rustic look.

Step 4

Spread the orange slices along the wreath in groupings of 2. The most obvious place is after a bundle of moss, then a bundle of florals, and finally some fragrant orange slices to add a pop of colour to this gorgeous wreath.

Model arranging dried orange slices on top of wreath base
Model tying branches onto the wreath base of Gingerbread Christmas Dried Flower Wreath Kit

Step 5

You can tie the bundles of moss, flowers and orange slices to the wreath in a few ways. Choose whichever feels best for you. You can cut individual lengths of twine to wrap around each section or tie the whole length of twine to the wreath base before using it to tie individual sections to the wreath, without cutting it. 

When attaching the orange slices, make sure to poke the twine through a hole in the centre of the orange slice to attach it to the wreath.

Step 6

Repeat this until each bundle is tied to the wreath. Make sure to secure each one with a tight double knot.

Model finishing off tying branches and orange slices onto the wreath base
Model placing Gingerbread Christmas Dried Flower Wreath Making Kit on top of wooden counter

Step 7

Display with pride in your home! You have created your very own wreath, and my oh my, doesn’t it look dreamy? Hang it up on a door (under shelter) or rest it on a shelf to bring a warm festive feel into your home this Christmas.

Are you looking for some more creative freedom? Or for an activity for all the family to get involved? Sourcing your own botanicals can prove a wonderful choice, and create a seriously fun activity with kids and friends alike. If a wreath kit is less your style, our dried flower bouquets can be used to easily create an enchanting wreath and you get to enjoy all the creativity - down to deciding what colour scheme you want. The following guide can also be used to help you create a wreath out of your very own fresh or dried foraged goods!

Model holding Luxury Midwinter Dried Flower Bouquet on top of wooden counter

Step 1

Time to source a wreath base! You can get these from craft shops or create your own. Wreath bases can be made out of anything, and can be any shape you like. Creating your own gives you the freedom to shape it however you want. You can make it out of wood, metal or even foam!

Model cutting flowers from Luxury Midwinter Dried Flower Bouquet to create bouquet
Model holding luxury midwinter dried flower bouquet

Step 2

Decide what will be used to create your wreath. You can choose dried or fresh foliage, natural or artificial. Whatever suits your style and gets your creativity flowing. We prefer using dried foliage for a rustic, longer-lasting wreath. So, we decided to use our Luxury Midwinter Dried Flower Bouquet for this wreath. You could even dry your own fresh flowers and use them for a charming Christmas wreath.

Step 3

Figure out the desired look you want to achieve by splitting the flowers and other botanicals into groupings. The best way to do this is by dividing them into sections that fill up the entire wreath base. But make sure to leave time to adjust your bundles of florals so you can remove or add florals.

Model adjusting flowers in packaging of luxury midwinter dried flower bouquet
Model holding flowers out of Luxury Midwinter Dried Flower Bouquet

Step 4

Lay the groupings of flowers or botanicals around the base of the wreath. We think laying them all in the same direction looks best, but this is your wreath. Lay your branches however you want!

Step 5

Tie the bunches to the base using rope, twine or ribbon. Secure each bundle with a tight double knot.

Model tying bunches of flowers from Luxury Midwinter Dried Flower Bouquet onto wreath base
Model tying ribbon onto wreath

Step 6

Adorn the wreath with any finishing touches. Pinecones, ribbons, berries dried fruit, the possibilities are endless! Use separate pieces of twine to tie these into place on top of the blooms.

Step 7

Display with pride in your home above a fireplace, under a porch or on your mantelpiece. You have just created a gorgeous, handmade wreath, and it’s all yours!

Wreath made out of luxury midwinter dried flower bouquet on display on top of wooden counter

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3. Our dried flower wreaths last for a long time, especially if you take good care of them. But, if you're after an ever-lasting wreath, our Wooden Green Pinecone Wreath is the ideal choice. Green-themed and reusable, this sustainable choice has delicate wooden detailing depicting flowers, pinecones and other foliage - £26

Want to keep your dried flower wreath fresher for longer? Read our dried flower care blog here to learn more about how to take care of your wreath and keep it looking beautiful for years to come.