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Mini Breaks - Your Guide to Packing the Essentials

By Stacy Curry - 6th May 2024

Jewellery Box Full of Jewellery by Pool

If you’re heading off on a mini-break, long weekend or a bank holiday getaway, then we all know one of the worst parts is getting packed. What do you take with you? How do you narrow down your wardrobe? How do you get your weekend bag zipped? Figuring out how to pack light but ensuring you have the essentials for your trip is hard work. Luckily, we’ve figured out the perfect formula (we think!) and we’ve even popped it into a handy list that you can share with your mini-break companions!


  1. Toiletries
  2. Clothes
  3. Shoes
  4. Weather Essentials
  5. Chargers
  6. Entertainment
  7. Jewellery


Lisa Angel Under The Sea Floral Wash Bag
Norfolk Natural Living 93 Days of Summer Unisex Parfum

Let’s start with the most obvious one, toiletries. Some of this doesn’t need an explanation, toothbrush, deodorant etc. but we think it’s important to remember all of the things you’ll need. If the place you’re staying doesn’t provide basic hair and body wash products, or you need to use specific items (curly hair gang, we see you!), then you’ll need to pack minis of all your favourites. We’d recommend popping these into a cute wash bag to ensure there are no spills onto your clothes. You could also pop in a mini perfume, some hair scrunchies and anything else that you can’t live without for a weekend. This is also the perfect place to pop any skincare and ladies, if you’re lucky enough to be flying for your mini-break, then easy hydration is key while you’re in the air. Pop in a mini spray bottle of face mist and some extra moisturiser to keep your skin glowing. If you’re going to be doing lots of walking, remember to pop some plasters in your wash bag just in case too!


Woman packing clothes
Clothes stacked on bed

Clothes are another one that you don’t need reminding to pack, but it’s important to be smart about your outfit choices and think about the weather too. Importantly, consider if you have a fancy dinner or a special activity planned that will require an outfit that can’t be re-worn or mixed and matched. We think the best way to plan your outfits is to have a look at your itinerary and the weather and plan in accordance. If you’re aiming to pack super light, then create a mini-break style capsule wardrobe for your weekend, so that you can simply create your outfits with ease each day. We’re talking complementary colours, tops and bottoms that all match, keeping it super easy and stress-free.


Lisa Angel Vintage Effect Chain Anklet on Model
Lisa Angel Multicoloured Enamel Droplet Anklet on Model

Now alongside clothes, choosing the right shoes is a game-changer for any holiday. When you’re packing light for your mini-break, you really want to make sure you don’t mess it up. If you go with our mini-capsule wardrobe suggestion then one pair of shoes will probably have you covered for the entirety of your little holiday, but if you can’t decide we recommend taking no more than two pairs. This is another area where you want to consider your activities, as taking a pair of heels when you’re planning to spend the whole time at the beach would be a serious faux pas. The best shoe for your mini-break does truly depend on what your plans are, but it’s hard to go wrong with a comfortable and stylish pair of trainers. Good for walking, shopping or wearing down to the pool in a pinch, the most important thing is that you choose trainers that won’t make your feet hurt. Aching feet and blisters can put a serious dampener on your trip, so whether you choose our recommendation or something else, definitely prioritise comfort here. As a bonus, we also recommend accessorising your shoe styling with an anklet or two. 

Weather Essentials

Lisa Angel vintage london map scarf on model
Jewellery Case with drink and jewellery next to pool

Now weather-based essentials may seem like something you don’t need reminding of, but we can’t tell you the amount of trips we’ve been on where we’ve left them at home. If you’re heading somewhere hot and sunny then suncream is an absolute must. And, don’t forget your favourite pair of sunglasses either, so you can enjoy the sun without suffering. If you’re expecting more of a rainy mini-break, then an umbrella or a raincoat is the worst thing to leave at home. Heading somewhere like the Lake District? You may need to break our two pairs of shoes rule and take some wellie boots with you too, especially if you’re expecting wet weather. Hats, heat packs and miniature fans are also items you should consider depending on the climate you’re visiting.


Chargers are probably the easiest thing to forget, but also one of the worst. Make sure you have your phone charger packed and ready to go if you check for nothing else. With these, we also recommend checking if you need any adapters, or extra long cords depending on where you’re staying. If you favour a wireless pair of headphones, then make sure you pack the right cables for that as well otherwise you may end up travelling without your favourite playlist.


Playing cards on Plain Surface with tin and cards scattered across it
Model Holding Fierce Fairy Tales Book

Speaking of chargers, if you’re taking any electronic entertainment, don’t forget to pack chargers for those too. Entertainment is something we often overlook when packing but it can be a lifesaver during your downtime or if you have a long journey. Whether it’s a fun pack of trivia cards that can squeeze into a pocket or a chunky book you have to justify to yourself, mini-breaks should be all about doing what you love so make sure you have something just in case. If you’re going away with friends or family, this can be much easier as there’s always one under-packer who can fit a little fun into their bag for the group.


Mermaid Coin Pendant Necklace in Gold on Pink Fabric
Large Scribble Heart Hoop Earrings in Gold on Model

Finally, but probably our favourite part of packing, is the jewellery you’re planning to accessorise with on your trip. As much as we wish it was possible to pack every single one of our favourite pieces, a capsule jewellery collection will be your best friend when it comes to making everything fit in one bag. To make selecting your jewellery easy, we recommend starting with a travel case to store it in, so you know just how much space you have. From here, stick to the classics. Pick some of your most versatile, comfortable pieces that you can wear while you’re away without having to worry. For example, we suggest selecting simpler accessories in your favoured metal finish, so that everything will match perfectly with your outfits too. Our Mermaid Coin Pendant Necklace is the perfect, versatile piece for this. Or, if you’re looking for earrings to go with everything, our Large Scribble Heart Hoop Earrings come in both silver and gold, to suit your tastes. Sleek and stylish wins the race when you’re trying to keep the number of items you have to travel with as minimal as possible.


No matter what you choose to pack, remember that the aim of a mini-break is to have fun! Make the most of your mini-break, get in as much relaxation and enjoy yourself to the fullest. We do think that making sure you’re well-packed will help you to have a stress-free experience. Enjoy your getaway, you deserve it!