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Summer Rewind: Moving Mind and Body with Carly Rowena

By Alex Catchpool - 12th October 2021

carly rowena sitting on a wall holding her paddle with paddle board at her feet
carly rowena holding paddle board by river in one piece swimsuit

As September nears and fluffy scarfs, wooly hats and - dare we say it - the ‘C’ word are just around the corner, we’re sure we’re not the only ones holding onto some of our favourite summer memories. The long nights, warm weather and days spent with friends and family are just some of the wonderful things we got up to during the summer months here at Lisa Angel HQ.

Although we love a cosy night in and a Christmas market (there, we’ve said it now!), we want to hold on to summer for as long as we can. And what better way to do that than to reminisce about one of our most fun summer shoot days from this year!

In June we went to Coltishall, a lovely spot on the Norfolk Broads, with Carly Rowena, our gorgeous collaborator on the Lisa Angel x Carly Rowena Move Your Mind collection. For us, Carly’s collection is the epitome of summer. Think glorious golds and dazzling opalites, perfectly imperfect pendants and personalised bracelets, plus mismatched earrings for creating a beautifully curated ear look. We’re definitely going to be sporting these pieces well into the autumn months to remind us of those spectacular sunny days.

We just couldn’t bear to leave summer behind without sharing the memories of the day with you!

The Carly Rowena Move Your Mind range

carly rowena sitting by the river bank on grass looking out in the distance
carly rowena's organic shaped godl necklace with her family names engraved

We developed this range with Carly around her inspiring Move Your Mind mantra. The range represents moving your mind as well as your body as for so many of us, our minds can be our biggest obstacle. Carly’s passion for positive self image and her efforts to champion being yourself in a world obsessed with perfection all shine through in each piece of this beautiful collection. The centre of the range is the raw, imperfect circle that you can see in the gorgeous pendants. We’re all a little rough around the edges, but that’s what makes us unique.

Opalite beads are a feature of much of the range too. Carly chose them as they reflect her father’s birthstone and are super close to her heart. Also inspired by her mother’s love of mismatched jewellery, Carly wanted to incorporate lots of designs that worked well when worn together as well as on their own to give the collection a fun and adventurous feel.

Good for the mind, body and planet

The Move Your Mind jewellery packaging is made from 100% recycled card. The box insert is made with a recycled eco fibre and the whole thing can be recycled again! We have been working really hard to reduce our plastic usage this summer and we’re currently on a journey to become plastic free!

The Shoot

carly rowena wearing two gold necklaces in a layered style
carly rowena paddle boarding on the river

What better place to shoot the Move Your Mind collection than the picturesque setting of Coltishall on the Norfolk Broads? For this shoot, we wanted to really encapsulate the fun, positive vibes of the range, and the weather was definitely on our side.

We relaxed by the water as the sun reflected off the beautiful sterling silver jewellery before Carly took to the river with her paddle board and 18ct gold plated pieces in tow and showed us all how it’s done!

We really wanted this shoot to show off how well all the pieces match together. Not only do they look fantastic as stand-alone, statement pieces, each item can be layered or paired with other pieces in the collection to create an on-trend look.

Carly wore some of her favourite personalised pieces which we think are such a beautiful nod to her lovely family. Lots of the range can be personalised by us with initials or names of your choice to add that extra special little touch.

Our favourites

Summer Rewind: Moving Mind and Body with Carly Rowena
Summer Rewind: Moving Mind and Body with Carly Rowena
Summer Rewind: Moving Mind and Body with Carly Rowena

One of Lisa’s favourites is the silver organic shaped necklace. She loves that it can be personalised and that it’s the perfect length and size for layering with other jewellery.

The Lisa Angel content team love the personalised opalite bead bracelet. The simplicity of the bracelet is perfect for adding a subtle accessory to all our favourite summer looks and the option of a personalised charm just makes it that bit sweeter.

Our photography team, who joined Carly on the shoot, are huge fans of the earrings in the collection. All the individual pieces work so well together and they love pairing the opalite stud chain earring with the mismatched dotted hoop and stud combo. We're all here for a curated ear!

Although summer 2021 may be coming to an end, we're so pleased that we were able to go out and about to have some fun shooting our products. However, we have to admit, we can't wait for all the autumnal vibes that the end of the year will bring.

Carly's range is available in sterling silver and 18ct gold plated sterling silver. Check out the full collection of Move Your Mind jewellery.

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