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Heartfelt Housewarming Gift Ideas for New Home Owners

By Sophie Carter - 26th June 2024

Gift a Friend or Loved one Something Special for a Housewarming

The keys are in hand, they're surrounded by boxes and they're ready to celebrate moving into their new home. But while it's all very exciting, for the person clutching the keys it can feel a tad daunting. There may be a list as long as their arm to get through before they can sit back, relax, and appreciate the four walls they own, meaning they're frazzled before they've even begun. This is where a great gift comes in. Whether big or small, practical or personal, a housewarming gift should be from the heart, with plenty of thought, and with nothing more in mind than to help them make this new house their home.

What is the most common housewarming gift?


Maybe you pride yourself on being original and don't wish to follow a generic gifting path, or you know they are fond of presents with a more unusual spin. Either way, it can be fun to veer off track from the more common housewarming gifts such as a bunch of fresh flowers or a bottle of bubbly and find a little something they'll remember forever. 

If you know they love flowers but resent knowing the bouquet will wilt before they've unpacked the final box, a bunch of dried flowers is the perfect alternative. Long-lasting, sustainable, and oh-so-beautiful, a dried flower bouquet like our Luxury Rainbow Brights Dried Flower Bouquet is the ideal accessory to brighten up a plain, yet-to-be-decorated space, and can be enjoyed years after they've settled into their new home.

For something a bit more unusual, a quirky ornament or decorative accessory like our Tigger the Orange Cat Vase or the Proper Good Happy Place Print brings vibrancy to any room of the house. And if they love the weird and wonderful, our Lobster Cork Bottle Stopper is bound to bring a little cheer during the madness of the move.


What is a good gift for someone buying a first house?


Moving away from the safety net of family or university halls to begin the ultimate adulthood experience can seem absolutely terrifying to begin with, but it can also feel quietly magical. A brand new house or one that once belonged to someone else can take a while to put their stamp on, so a gift to help them make it feel more like home will always be welcomed. The comforting fragrance of our Amber and Tonka Bean Jar Candle can be just the ticket to make them feel cosier and more at home. With a range of warming fragrances to choose from, there's a Jar Candle for everyone.

A symbolic present to mark the momentous occasion is also a wonderful way to share your congratulations with a new homeowner. Our Personalised Wooden House Keyring makes a small but sentimental gift they can keep forever. You can choose from 10 house designs which our talented in-house personalisation team will then laser-engrave with the name or number of the new home in question, creating a truly unique piece they can place proudly on their new set of keys.

For something smaller but just as sweet, our Matchbox Ceramic Champagne Token is perfect for popping on a new shelf or mantel to help them get the celebrations started.


What would make a useful housewarming gift?


Some people just aren't materialistic, and if you know their new home will be minimalistic and clear of clutter, it can hold you back from getting them an elaborate gift. Most new homeowners will be delighted to receive something they can get a lot of use out of, so why not gift them something practical with a personal spin to ensure they don't end up with even more stuff to find a place for?

If they're promising a bring-a-board party the moment they've settled in, they'll love a piece like our Personalised Round Olive Wood Pizza Board. Our in-house team engrave the board with your message of choice to ensure they can serve their charcuterie in style. Or why not kill two birds with one stone with an aesthetically-pleasing gift that can also teach them something? A coffee table book like How to Plant a Room and Grow a Happy Home is a great way to add intrigue to a new space, while also giving helpful tips on expanding their plant family.

For something petite but perfectly practical, a kitchen-cupboard essential like our Personalised Crab Multi Tool can be just what they need when they're rifling through boxes looking for tools or utensils. 


How much do you spend on a housewarming gift?


Most people won't expect a lavish gift or a certain amount spent on them for a housewarming treat, but it can be helpful to set a budget when looking for that perfect present. If you're looking for something purse-friendly with sentiment in abundance, tiny tokens can say it all without you having to utter a word.

Our Tiny Matchbox Ceramic House Token is the ideal size to be snuck onto a shelf in their new home, without taking up all the space fit for the congratulatory cards and flowers. This pocket-sized present comes in its own box with ‘happy new home’ wording on the front, sharing your joy for them finally having their very own place.

To save them from having to unpack their ceramics before they've even set up their bed, a sweet vase like our Tiny Snail Ceramic Bud Vase or a handy mug like our Irregular Ceramic Bee Mug gives them something to reach for when they're being presented bunch after bunch of flowers or they're offering cups of tea to all who visit their new crib.



Do you give a gift at a housewarming party?


If they're excited about their new place, they'll likely have lined up a date for sharing the celebrations with friends and family. A housewarming marks the perfect occasion to gift them something great. The most obvious choice of offering for a housewarming party is a good tipple or two. Popping a bottle or mixing some cocktails can help them sweep away any tension or stress from the moving process, so gifting them something to help them get the party going can be the best place to start.

If they're not into champagne but go mad for a G&T, you just know they're going to love our Personalised 500ml Name Banner Gin. This tasty gin is perfect for adding to tonic, cocktails, or sipping over ice, and comes with a fully personalised label printed with names of choice by our wonderful in-house team. The bottle also comes decorated with a sweet velvet ribbon and a wooden tag engraved with the word ‘congratulations’, giving them a great piece of barware they'll want to proudly display. The same goes for our Sagaform Carafe & Personalised Stopper. If they're into customised homeware and favour wine over any other drink, they're bound to love placing this gorgeous carafe in the centre of their dining table while they allow their favourite red to breathe. 

Do they already have a cupboard or bar cart bursting with booze? If so, a great party-friendly gift is always some new glassware. Whether personalised or plain, a wonderful whisky glass or sweet champagne flute makes a fab accompaniment to their existing glassware collection.


The process of becoming a homeowner is renowned for being a great strain, physically, emotionally, and financially. They'll have waited weeks, months, even years for this milestone, and will want to breathe a huge sigh of relief the minute they step past the threshold. It's important to remind them that despite the chaos of the move, what they have achieved is incredible and deserves recognition. As they add more of their personal touches to their abode, they'll appreciate more the enormity of their new chapter, and with a wonderful gift to proffer the moment they give you the tour, they'll be so grateful you've come to visit.


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